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Healthy Thoughts- It's a Matter of Life and Death.

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

Is your belief system well established? Look to your higher mind for answers because the conditioned mind can't be trusted.

Thoughts are like viruses... fear, shame, doubt, grief, dishonesty, delusion and lack of trust/faith are all negative thought patterns. These thought patterns are not inherently ours- they were place upon us through teachings, societal beliefs and life experiences. Because these thought patterns interfere with healthy functions of the immune, neural and nervous systems, it is impossible to be healthy in the body if the mind is full of negativity.

Every minute of every day, our bodies are physically reacting, literally changing in response to the thoughts that run through our minds. It's been shown over and over again that just thinking about something can cause the brain to release neurotransmitters- chemical messengers that allow it to communicate with parts of itself and the nervous system. Neurotransmitters control virtually all of our body's functions, from hormones to digestion to our emotional wellbeing.

The mind is often the source of most of our inherent problems. It makes a great master but a terrible servant. In other words, thoughts and beliefs like to run the show! We deem the mind to be the highest, most trustworthy aspect of self. But what exactly is the mind? Were we born with it? Was it not empty of impressions and beliefs at one point? And then what happened? How did it get filled? What did it get filled with? What source did the mind draw from and how do we know if that information is even true or real?

There is something within us that can not be learned- call it inner knowing; call it soul.

Unlike the tricky mind, inner knowing doesn't lie because it is sourced from an energy called love (not deception). And what is love but the highest, most benevolent expression of creativity moving through us for the betterment of all. None of us are a mistake. None of us incarnated here on earth at this time in order to be duplications of others- to be one, giant herd mentality. Yes we are all connected- but not in mind. We are connected in the one soul consciousness. We are connected in our fragility. We are connected in our hearts. Oddly enough, we are connected in our healing journeys from trauma and the idea of separation back home to the source of infinite oneness and possibility.

As a meditator, I understand that my body, my emotions and my thoughts are all interconnected. When I practice meditation and come to a still my mind, I become deeply aware of my breath, my body sensations and my mind. I see how everything is arising and passing and that nothing is inherently fixed. Everything is moving, shifting, arising and passing. I am simply the observer- I am not what is being observed. What is being observed is simply a collection of mind induced labels based on conditioning, teachings and life experiences- none of which are actually me. The me is a blank slate; a bowl of emptiness. I have the freedom to choose what goes onto that slate and into the bowl regardless of my situation in life. It's through my own creativity that change takes place. It's through my own beliefs that I exist as an emmenation of beneficence and beauty. That's right, it's up to me! It's my responsibility to shift my (and the collective) beliefs that I am weak, sick, flawed, ill, bad, shameful, ugly, unloveable and all the other bullshit that's been rammed down my throat (self expression) and into my head (negative thought patterns). This is what it means to take one's power back. Power is not a fight. Power is a surrender to unconditional love- with the delicacy of a feather and the tenacity of fire.

Let's breathe in the fire of the burning truth that we are not here to be indoctrinated or fixed. There's nothing to be fixed. There is something more true and more omniscient that existed before we were even conceived. This essence of our being is not thought/mind. Period. It is a mystery which can only to be touched from the heart.

It's time for us to establish our own belief system- it's a matter of life and death- of heart and mind. It's time for us to cultivate our own individuality based on sound and loving definitions that are generated from our own inner compass in relation to the bigger picture. It's time for us to ask the penultimate question, "why am I here and how am I an expression of love?"

Let's sit with this question over and over with compassion and openness to receive the guidance that will lead us to the answer.

To learn an excellent technique for clearing the mind of negative thoughts, please read my Blog article, "Hang Sah Kriya":

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