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About Breathe True Yoga


Welcome to Breathe True Yoga- an umbrella organization based in Guelph, Ontario. This website is a resource of teachings and workshops that I offer in chakra yoga, sound healing, meditation, conscious dance, and expressive arts. I offer a 6-week in-person and online program called, "Creating and Living from Wholeness" and I also sell handmade mindfulness products such as essential oil perfumes, feather smoke wands, mala bracelets, tuning forks, gemstone pendulums, and small ink-art paintings. All of my offerings are designed to help you connect to your own mindfulness practices. 

While most of my events take place in Guelph, Ontario, I also work as a guest presenter at various centers throughout Ontario. Occasionally I team up with other like-minded and skilled facilitators to co-create and present classes and workshops.

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Barbara Dametto:

Barbara is the founder and director of Breathe True Yoga located in Guelph, Ontario. She is a hatha yoga and meditation instructor, expressive arts practitioner, conscious dance facilitator and DJ, sound healer, and workshop facilitator. 

Barbara facilitates group workshops and weekend retreats as well as private sessions in yoga, meditation, sound healing, shamanic sound journeys, and mask making/exploration. Her creativity, love of learning, and eclectic background all contribute to her unique approach to living, facilitating, and self-expression.


Mission Statement:

Here at Breathe True Yoga, I believe that the most effective means of personal transformation is an experiential one. My mission is to help connect people to their deepest purpose in life. I do this by offering different modalities of spiritual and creative opportunities to help people tap into their passion and truth. Because each individual is unique, I feel it is necessary to provide many diverse approaches in my teachings and workshops.

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"When we stabilize ourselves enough to become aware, then we can ignite the fire that creates our world.”~ B. Dametto