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Barbara Dametto: Yoga Instructor, Sound Healer, Expressive Arts Practitioner.

Helping People Cultivate Self-Awareness, Confidence, and Creativity 
to Live With Joy and Purpose.


Breathe True is an umbrella organization based in Guelph, Ontario. It is a resource for information, teachings and workshops offered in chakra yoga, sound healing, meditation, conscious dance, and mask-work (expressive arts). I offer a 6-week online program called, "Creating and Living from Wholeness" and have a very entertaining theatre mask and character development page that you might want to visit. I also make and sell beautiful, handmade products such as essential oil perfrums, feather smoke wands, and ink-art bookmarks and cards. All of my offerings are designed to help you connect with your own innate creativity, wisdom, and healing power. 

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The only journey 
is the one within.

One Self,

One Source,

One Sound.


About Barbara Dametto:

I must say that I have always been a dual character- engaging in life in a very serious manner and also playing the fool and using laughter as my medicine. I believe that comedy and tragedy go hand in hand- perhaps that's why I went to theatre school. Studying the great Western playwrites and learning the techniques of acting and stage performance was both fascinating and profound. What I loved most was theatre of the absurd (theater that seeks to represent the absurdity of human existence in a meaningless universe by bizarre or fantastic means), and the great tragedies (dramas or literary works in which the main character is brought to ruin or suffers extreme sorrow, especially as a consequence of a tragic flaw, moral weakness, or inability to cope with unfavorable circumstances). Together, these two theatrical genres set the stage for life's lessons providing us with opportunities to dive deep into the human experience, and to do so with lightness and heaviness. As Shakespeare said, "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players." 

Life is beautiful and it is cruel. People are loving and hateful. There is kindness and greed. There is peace and war. Tolerance and discrimination. Honesty and deceit. There are always two sides to the coin and it's in this duality that the fullness of life exists. I believe that true healing and liberation from suffering happens when we are able to embrace the full spectrum of our humanity and accept the contradictory nature of existence. Without duality, there would be no striving for unity and oneness. So relax... it's ok to become untethered and when things completely fall apart, the invitation is to dig deep and ignite that fire within. Transformation occurs when we are willing to totally let go- and this takes trust and courage. 

As a child, I was the family and class clown. I impersonated characters, changed my name, and wrote a book called, ”Farting Can Be Fun.” I always managed to make people laugh because I was funny and mischievous (and cute as hell!). At the same time, I was afraid of getting old and dying.


As a teenager, I was an introverted, subversive punk rocker. I was painfully shy but managed to express myself through dance and art. I was creative and questioned everything. At the same time, I was self-loathing.


In my twenties, I was a freelance dancer, actor, and playwright. (and of course... waitress). I went to university and discovered that I was pretty darn talented as an artist. One of my theatre professors told me I was brilliant! I was adventurous and brave and risk-taking. At the same time, I was painfully insecure.


In my thirties, I worked as a stage performer, choreographer, and artist in education. I fell in love with clown theatre and non-verbal forms of physical theatre. I began to experience the power of the arts as a tool for expressing social issues (particularly child abuse, conflict resolution, and restorative justice). I was brave and worked as a volunteer in S.E. Asia in a war zone. I was also self-sabotaging.


In my forties, I was a high school teacher. I loved working with young people and was able to help them to tap into their own inherent talents. My students often had huge emotional breakthroughs and shared their personal stories and struggle with me (especially in drama class). I always encouraged them to transform their pain into art and comedy. We had a lot of fun! Eventually, I quit teaching and went back to school to study yoga. I got married and ran a yoga and meditation retreat center. I became a sound healer and conscious dance facilitator. I became a spiritual teacher and life was very full and meaningful.

By the time I hit my fifties, my joyful clown and serious, spiritual persona got swallowed up by grief, betrayal, sadness, and anger. Somehow the heaviness of certain life's circumstances and stories managed to define my character. I got squeezed through the eye of the needle and in doing so, there was nowhere else to go but out the other side and forward. It's been a challenging/difficult time yet I am grateful for whom I've become.


This brings me to why I am sharing this information with you. As previously stated, in life there is always ease and difficulty-duality exists. For this reason, I believe that it is essential that we learn different tools and modalities in order to cultivate and maintain physical stamina, emotional intelligence, and inner wisdom to carry us through challenging times. For me, working with many different modalities creates balance and variety in my life. I literally use them to develop self-awareness and healing. Together they create a harmonious concoction of beauty, self-care, and personal evolution.


You too have unique life experiences with an array of blessings and curses. You too are creative, wise, and powerful. You too are vulnerable, wounded, and afraid and that is what makes YOU human. You have the ability to build a strong foundation in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body so that you can rise above your self-imposed limitations and connect to Source energy. You might just need a little help and that’s where I come into the picture. I can help you get established in some profound modalities such as yoga, breath-work, sound-work, meditation and mask making so that you can become your own best friend, wise teacher, and loving, playful soul-mate. 


True healing and self-empowerment occur when we create and restore balance, awareness, and resiliency and I am confident that I can help you achieve that!

Barbara Dametto: Official Biography

Barbara is the founder and director of Breathe True located in Guelph, Ontario. She is a hatha yoga and meditation instructor, expressive arts practitioner, conscious dance facilitator and DJ, sound healer, and workshop facilitator. 


Barbara received her Baby Clown, Joey & August, Advance Clown, and Buffon theatre training in 1995 at the Threatre Resource Centre in Toronto, Ontario, her Chakra Yoga 500-hour teacher training in Thailand at the Pyramid Yoga Center in 2016 and 2008, her training in Expressive Arts at Fleming College in 2013, her Sound Healers training from Gary Diggins in Guelph (on-going), and Jonathan Goldman in Colorado in 2009, her Soul Motion Conscious Dance training with Vin Martie in Toronto in 2005, and her Journey Dance training with Tony Bergins in Sante Fe, New Mexico in 2013.


Barbara has attended numerous long-term retreats at the Ontario Vipassana Center, the Dharma Center of Canada, the Zen Mountain Monastery in upstate New York, and the Nilambe Meditation Centre in Kandy, Sri Lanka.


Barbara holds a Bachelor of Education degree from York University, and an Honors Bachelor of Art (Human Kinetics and Leisure Studies-Dance) from the University of Waterloo, She has worked for the Ontario School Board for over 25 years as an artist in education and school teacher, as well as Voluntary Services Overseas where she taught theatre for social change in Sri Lanka.


Barbara facilitates group workshops and weekend retreats as well as private sessions in yoga, meditation, sound healing, shamanic sound journeys, and mask making/exploration. Her creativity, love of learning, and eclectic background all contribute to her unique approach to living, facilitating, and self-expression.


Mission Statement:

Here at Breathe True, I believe that the most effective means of personal transformation is an experiential one. My mission is to help connect people to their deepest purpose in life. I do this by offering different modalities of spiritual and creative opportunities to help people tap into their passion and truth. Because each individual is unique, I feel it is necessary to provide many diverse approaches in my teachings and workshops.


Some of these modalities include chakra yoga, insight meditation, sacred sound, journey dance, yantra yoga (yogic astrology), and expressive arts. I also have my own line of unique and custom-made essential oil blends for the mind and body.


While most of my events take place in Guelph, Ontario, I also work as a guest presenter at various centres throughout Ontario. Occasionally I team up with other like-minded and skilled facilitators to co-create and present classes and workshops. 

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"When we stabilize ourselves enough to become vulnerable, then we can ignite the fire that creates our world.”~ B. Dametto