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Go Love Yourself

October 1st, 2022. 9am-5pm

As we head into the autumn season and watch the beautiful changes taking place in nature, we recognize the shift taking place within us as well.

This is a perfect time now to take a rest, reflect and go inwards for a while.

This all-day event was born with the intention of creating a sense of tranquility, peace, love, and harmony within. A soul-soothing kind of day that will leave you feeling recharged and restored.


• 9:00- 9:45 Opening/Gathering
• 9:45 – 11:15 Elemental Breathwork
• 11:15-12:30 Break with tea and snacks and Optional Private Energy Sessions
• 12:30-1:30 Movement Meditation
• 1:30 – 3:00 Lunch and Optional Private  Energy Sessions
• 3:00-4:00 Yin Yoga
• 4:00-4:30 Extended Savasana with Sound Healing
• 4:30-5:00 Closing Ceremony
• 5:00 onwards Bonfire and Optional Private Energy Sessions

Vendor tables:
Essential Oil Perfume Blends, Mala bracelets, hand-painted cards, and feather wands. All handmade.

Investment: $150.00 via etransfer: pamcasadei@gmail.com

Contact: wildflowerfreetobe@gmail.com

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Barbara Dametto

Full Moon Sound Journey.jpeg

Monthly Full Moon Sound Journey and Water Blessings

September 10th, 2022. 7-9 pm

October 8th, 2022. 7-9 pm

November 8th, 2022. 7-9 pm

December 7th, 2022. 7-9 pm

The Full Moon represents a cycle of completion and allows us to release and let go of energy. It encourages us to be introspective and to set intentions in order to create something new.

Water carries the feminine energy of cleansing and flowing change. We will recite our intentions to sacred water as a prayer for our healing, and later take some of the moon water home with us to be used as medicine throughout the month.

Come, lie down with cozy pillows and blankets, and receive the high vibrational musical frequencies of Paiste Gongs, quartz crystal singing bowls, Auracle hand pan, Native drum, Koshi chimes, vocal toning, and more. 

Maximum 6 participants.

Dress comfortably.

Bring a small jar of water.

Please contact me prior to sending your e-transfer to confirm your spot in this event as it typically fills up quickly.

30 Imperial Rd. S., Guelph. (exact unit # will be provided after registration).

Cost: $45 per session

etransfer: breathetrue@gmail.com

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Barbara Dametto

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Monthly Ecstatic Dance and Sacred Sound Journeys

September 17th, 2022

October 22nd, 2022

November 19th, 2022

December 17th, 2022

We gather once a month for an evening of ecstatic dance, sound healing, vocal expression, and meditative silence. All are welcome to join this beautiful and deep experience with open and brave hearts.

Our opening ceremony will establish us in the here and now. Our ecstatic dance will pull us into the deep pulsing rhythms of body movement. The music will guide us through an elemental wave of earth, water, fire, air, and beyond. The sound bath will vibrate our cells into health and wellness through the skilled facilitation of guest practitioners employing their magic over our resting bodies via gongs, crystal singing bowls, drums, didgeridoos, koshi chimes, and more. Group chanting and quiet meditation will connect us to the ethereal realms where we merge with All THAT IS. Our closing circle will unite us as one, unified, conscious collective.​


No registration required. Just show up and get ready to be moved!

Dress comfortably.
Bring a yoga mat.
No face coverings are required.

Where: Shake It Off Studio: 9 Woodlawn Rd E, Guelph (lots of free parking).

Cost: $45 per workshop payable by cash at the door or via e transfer: breathetrue@gmail.com

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Barbara Dametto

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Private Yoga Classes


Tell me what kind of class you want as well as any physical needs you might have and I will design a class just for you! I will teach it to you, provide a PDF copy and be available for questions and clarifications. Private yoga classes can be delivered in person or via Zoom. Both options are extremely effective in furthering and deepening your yoga practice and understanding. ​


Private classes are approximately 2 hours long. 

Cost: $120 paid via e-transfer to breathetrue@gmail.com



"Barbra tailored my very own personal yoga flow, she was very helpful with making sure the yoga poses and breathing techniques were done properly to avoid any injuries. Thank you for opening up your space, I greatly appreciated it."

Monique Young.


Barbara Dametto

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Six-Week Program


Welcome to my unique Six-Week Program. Here you will develop a daily practice/regime that will help to ground and strengthen your body, shift your energy, balance your emotions, calm your nervous system, cultivate inner peace, and connect you to your divinity through expressive arts.​

This program teaches 5 different healing modalities to help you become more grounded, peaceful, and expressive. Each week is a different modality. Week one starts with yoga/and or conscious dance. In week two we explore pranayama (breath-work). Week three is sound healing and sacred mantra. In week four we learn and practice silent, seated meditation. In weeks five/six we explore archetypal mask creation and character development.


I offer the program in person and via Zoom.



Barbara Dametto

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Private Sound Healing Session 


Sound healing penetrates a person's mind, emotions, and body to help bring them to states of deep relaxation. If you suffer from insomnia, anxiety, depression, or grief, this modality can help you to release and restore. Sound healing is also a wonderful way to simply treat yourself to a beautiful experience where you are bathed in drones, musical instruments, vocal toning, and vibrational frequencies that are known for their restorative qualities.


I offer several different thematic sound healing sessions. All are beautiful, deep, and extremely relaxing


.Typically, a session takes 1.5 hours long.

Cost: $120



"Barbara (Eva) has delivered her sound healing sessions at a number of my meditation retreats. Participants have always felt wonderfully relaxed, rejuvenated, and deeply in touch with their inner beings. She has a refined intuitive ability to know what soundings have the greatest healing effect on participants. I highly recommend her sessions."Russell Scott. . 


Cost: $120 paid via e-transfer to breathetrue@gmail.com


Barbara Dametto

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Ilumina: Visions of the Heart

Next Date and Location: TBA

Join me for a beautiful evening of conscious dance, breath-work, sacred cacao ceremony, heart-opening meditation, singing, and outdoor fire circle.

During these accelerated and life-changing times, it's important to gather with like-minded people to intentionally create the reality we prefer- a reality based on love.


Connecting to our bodies through movement and breathwork as medicine grounds us in our physical world.


Drinking sacred cacao (and acknowledging both this Mayan tradition and the elemental world in nature) brings us into direct communication with the wisdom of our hearts and our ancestors.


Meditation allows us to become empty so that Source wisdom can clearly communicate with us.


Rejoicing in songful prayer unites and strengthens our ties with one another.


Taking our experience around an outdoor fire, burns and transforms our intentions and ignites our spirits to soar into the unlimited possibilities of the universe.

Please contact me prior to sending your e-transfer to confirm your spot in the event as it typically fills up quickly.

Cost: $65 paid via e-transfer to breathetrue@gmail.com


Barbara Dametto

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Chakra Numerology Readings


Chakra Numerology helps us to discover and understand our birth path in this lifetime. Through specific mathematical calculations based on our birthdays, we can gain insight into our dominant and minor chakras and create a personal calendar to help us evolve on our spiritual journeys. This calendar lets us study the effects of our assigned chakra energies which helps us to understand and contextualize our experiences in life. Knowing the effects of these energies can help us to bring presence and mindfulness to the ever-unfolding experiences that life presents us with.


In this session, you will obtain more self-awareness and practical knowledge ie. insights regarding health, relationships, career, life decisions, etc.


Typically, a session takes 1.5 hours long and the person leaves with a personal chart and typed handout.

Cost: $120

Contact: breathetrue@gmail.com


Barbara Dametto