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Yoga and Sound Healing Weekend Course- Upcoming

October 17, 2020

Learn how sound can become the vehicle for healing your body, relaxing your mind and calming states of anxiety and depression. Develop the skills to incorporate musical instruments into your yoga practice. Deepen your ability to create calming and invigorating soundscapes that can be used anytime and anywhere. Strengthen your vocalizing and listening skills so that you can become a vehicle for your own (and other's) healing.


Sound yokes us to universal consciousness. It is powerfully linked to our well-being since its vibratory nature impacts our energetic and physical bodies. When sound is imbued with intention (such as love), it becomes sacred. In nada yoga (the yoga of sound), the ear is the gateway to the soul. Sound is the emanation of any tone, frequency or vibration. Music is the organization of sound. The body itself is composed of vibration and sound (heartbeat, blood pulsing, eyes blinking etc.), so one could say that we are music made visible.

Throughout this weekend course, participants will be introduced to the history of sound healing, sound as meditation, sound as prayer and sound as a healing modality. The course will be both informative (instructional) and practical (hands-on). We will gather in a studio environment where written hand-outs will be provided and discussed. We will explore different techniques to experience the nature of vibration and sound and its impact on the human body. We will have access to many beautiful musical instruments such as Paiste gongs, drums, rattles, tuning forks, chimes, shruti box, rainsticks, didgeridoo etc. in order to practice both giving and receiving sound healing sessions.


The weekend course will be offered in person at a studio in Guelph (TBA) where social distancing rules and masks will be applied. It will also be offered via Zoom Communications. 

This is an introductory course meant to give participants a “taste” of the incredible complexities and benefits of sacred sound and its relation to yoga and well being.

Some of the topics we will explore include:

~The history of sound as a healing modality
~Pythagorean tuning and solfeggio scale
~The effects of sound and vibration on the brain, nervous system and physical body
~The effects of sound and vibration on the energy body
~Toning: vowel sounds of the chakras and corresponding glands
~AUM meditation and mantra
~Receiving and giving sound healing sessions and the rituals and protocols involved
~Questions and Answers

Exchange is $150.00 before Oct 3 and $200 after.

Please contact Barbara directly with questions and registration at

Details can be found at

Clear Mind, Pure Heart- Upcoming

October 30, 2020

Spend 3 days in a beautiful, natural setting with incredible food, great teachers and like-minded co-participants. Discover the power of mediation, yoga and sacred sound as ways to calm your mind and emotions and body. Treat yourself to a special experience that you will never forget.


In this 2 1/2 day retreat (Oct. 30th- Nov. 1st, 2020), you will learn the basic essential techniques of meditation distilled from ancient practices and placed in a western context without the dogma or jargon of religious belief.

You will understand the science of how stress manifests in your body and is a major contributor to most of our modern health problems. You will learn to access at will, the “relaxation response” like a “reset button” that re-establishes the equilibrium of physical relaxation, emotional calm, and mental alertness. You will experience how the “deep rest” that meditation gives is an antidote to the constant tension in your life.

By the end of the retreat, you will have acquired a daily practice of meditation that when practised over time

can free you from the constant disabling chatter of the mind and help you access inner serenity, happiness and joy.

This retreat is suitable for you if you: 

  • Would like to be in your life differently and want time to unwind, relax and experience a deeper serenity within.

  • Are a beginning meditator or have done some meditation before and want to establish a daily practice to bring calmness and centredness into your daily life.

  • Have an established meditation practice and are open to trying some different approaches to meditation and the unique form of paired self-inquiry taught on the retreat.

  • Are looking to follow a non-dogmatic spiritual path without having to follow a guru.

  • Yearn to let go of stress from the past and experience optimism and new possibility for the future.

  • Feel an inner pull to connect more intimately with your true self.

NOTE: The retreat will have an extended silent period and talking will be allowed at some meal and break times on Sunday. There will also be some communication during the paired self-inquiry exercises on Sunday.

Features of the retreat:

  1.     Delicious buffet-style vegetarian meals

  2.     Accommodation for 2 nights in a secluded rural retreat centre

  3.     Guided meditations that you then do on your own

  4.     Yoga and movement periods

  5.     Sound therapy

  6.     Silent sitting and walking periods

  7.     Some paired self-inquiry and meditation training exercises

  8.     Instruction on:

  • The scientific basis of meditation

  • The basic techniques of meditation: and their most effective applications

  • How to elicit the “relaxation response” at will

  • Simple relaxing yoga and movement instruction.

  • Crucial preparatory practice often missed in meditation instruction that quickly puts you in the “meditative zone”

  • How to use breathing to deepen your serenity

  • Sound "bathing" for healing with gongs, singing bowls, chimes and other instruments

  • A special "Letting Go" ceremony to clear the stress of the past year and launch your new aspirations for the rest of 2020! 

  • A Guided Meditation CD that you can use to reinforce your practice at home.

Location: Ecology Retreat Centre- 308046 Hockley Rd, Mono, ON L9W 6N2

(Upfront) Cost: $325 + HST for 6 meals and two night's shared lodging plus a ***Pay from the Heart*** donation. (Read details below) Single rooms are available for an additional $40.00 plus HST.

***Pay from the Heart***

Russell is committed to making this retreat financially accessible to everyone. The upfront cost is the cost of your meals and accommodation. At the end of the retreat, you will be given the opportunity to make a contribution to my facilitation based on the perceived value of what the retreat was worth to you. This contribution can be a one-time donation or monthly deposits. I trust that you will get in touch with the long term benefit of the retreat to your life and make your decision honestly. Normally a retreat of this nature with meals, accommodation and facilitation costs included would be priced from $575 to $675

For more information contact: (519)-829-4149 or e-mail:

Retreat Leaders:


Russell Scott is one of the new generations of "no dogma teachers" and the author of the acclaimed book: "Awakening the Guru in You". He has led over hundreds of retreats for the past 30 years. Previously as the owner of the Ecology Retreat Centre near Orangeville, he pioneered programs in green building, sustainable living and spiritual awakening. As an “Awakening guide,” he has helped 1000’s of people in his one-to-one and group programs breakthrough past limitations so that they can walk in the beauty, honesty and magnificence of who they really are. His greatest joy in life is watching people fall off their seats in fits of laughter when they realize their true nature.


Barbara Dametto is the founder and director of Breathe True located in Guelph, Ontario. She is a hatha yoga instructor, expressive arts practitioner, movement facilitator, sound healer and visual and performing artist. She received her chakra yoga 500-hour teacher training in Thailand at the Pyramid Yoga Center in 2016 and 2008. In addition, she has received extensive training in Sound Healing, Journey and Soul Motion Dance and Expressive Arts. Her creativity, love of learning and eclectic background all contribute to her unique approach to facilitating and self-expression.

Chakra Yoga, Dance and Sounding Retreat- Upcoming

November 06, 2020

Join Eva Dametto and Sonja for a weekend of Chakra yoga, Dance and Sounding.

Relax in a beautiful retreat environment in nature with delicious, healthy food. Nourish your body and mind while learning new yoga skills and receiving Chinese Medicine treatments to balance your nervous system. Meet new like-minded people and express yourself musically and through movement/dance. And most importantly, treat yourself! 


This weekend workshop will focus on the ancient Hindu chakra system and how it relates to the universe, nature, life, personal well being and yoga. 

The word "chakra" means spinning wheel and in yoga, refers to the 7 distinct energy centres that run along the spine from the tailbone to the crown of the head.

Throughout the weekend, we will learn and practice asana (poses) and pranayama (breath-work) techniques to stimulate, strengthen and balance each of the 7 energy centres in our bodies. We will also learn about the psychological and physiological associations for each chakra centre. 

Areas of study will also include Ayurvedic based vowel toning for each of the chakras, sacred sounding (using musical instruments such as tuning forks, crystal singing bowls, Paiste gongs, shruti box and steel drums, and chimes), chakra dance, mantras (sung prayers) for each centre and yantra yoga (yoga astrology).

Safe social distancing practices and the use of protective face masks will be encouraged throughout the weekend.

Afternoon Chakra Yoga Workshop- Completed

February 22, 2020

Explore the 7 Chakras through different yogic techniques and practices.

Learn about the ancient Hindu philosophy of these energies as they interact with the universe as well as the body.

Understand the psychological and physiological characteristics of these centres and how they relate to our overall physical, mental and spiritual health.

Areas of study include breath work, yoga poses, vocal toning and silent meditation.

Best suited for people who are somewhat established in yoga practice.

Date: February 22nd, 2020, 1-4pm.

Cost: $65

Location: 11 Quebec St., Guelph, Ontario N1H 2T1

To register contact: Studio Shibui

(519) 265-8848

Mask Making and Character Development- Completed

February 01, 2020

This is an introductory workshop and the first in a series of mask making weekends based on archetypal characters.

William Shakespeare said, "All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players." Oscar Wilde has put his spin on this phrase, declaring that, “The world is a stage, and the play is badly cast.”

Whatever the case, we are all players and have an entire cast of characters (personalities) that sometimes are referred to as "the self". Often we are hiding behind these rough, rowdy, dowdy, tragic, sexy, sad, wise, belligerent and holy guises never quite understanding and befriending them or recognizing which ones are running the show. One thing is for sure, and that is that more than often, these characters are unconscious.

Let's gather with the intention of "showing up" to playfully diving deep into our personalities so that we can come to know ourselves more intelligently and compassionately. The key is to remain curious, accepting and intrigued about what masks get created and what part of yourself they represent. The mask will illuminate what lies beneath the surface and help us realize that we are complex personas born out of fortunate and unfortunate life circumstances. By bringing these disconnected aspects of self into the light and playfully animating them (acting them out), deep healing, understanding and self-acceptance can occur.

What might you gain from taking this class?

-a fun experience with other creative people
-a connection with parts of yourself that are unknown
-insight into your own psychology
-the ability to lighten up, laugh at yourself and love yourself
-a friendship with the parts of yourself that seem unlikable, unknowable and disowned
-freedom, confidence, improved self-image
-an understanding that the masks we wear are our allies: they can serve and benefit us rather than control us
-wisdom gained from your own inner teacher

Who might be interested in taking this course?

-curious people
-shy people wanting to be more extroverted
-actors looking for new material derived from themselves
-therapists looking for new approaches to helping clients
-people who want more control over their emotions
-people who want to overcome shame and trauma
-people who want to improve the quality of their lives

Barbara Dametto (that's me- your facilitator) has studied and performed theatre, dance, clown through mask (baby clown), joey and auguste (victim and perpetrator clown), Buffon (the evil clown hee hee!), neutral mask, expressive arts, sound therapy and meditative self-inquiry for over 30 years!

We will be gathering on Saturday, February 1st from 10 am to 4 pm to learn a simple process of making sturdy, papier-mache masks. I will supply all of the art materials.

We will reconvene on Sunday, February 2nd from 10 am to 1 pm to explore the masks through inner journeying techniques and physical theatre. I will skillfully guide the group through different character-building activities such as movement, sounding, interacting with others and ultimately presenting our masks to the audience (in this case, other workshop participants).

As time goes on and we return for more mask workshops, my plan is to hold an evening soiree and invite the public to meet our many brilliant characters. Stay tuned for this tantalizing, theatrical event. Guelph will never be the same...

I am offering two types of payment methods for this course:

I value the two-day workshop at $175 which includes all art materials. But if you prefer, you can pay me $50 upfront (my basic cost to run the course ie. space rental and art supplies) and then make a donation from your heart for my facilitation after the workshop (based on what the experience was worth to you). Your donation may be more than what I've requested or it may be less.

I am offering a "Pay From The Heart" option because:

-I don't want you to pay more than you can afford
-you don't know me and so paying full price seems risky
-you get to pay what YOU feel the value of the course is
- I want to make the course accessible to everyone
-whatever you pay is helping me in my life to help people like yourself- so I am grateful
-there is a negotiation process whereby my worth and value and your worth and value are recognized

Please send your $175 full payment (or you $50 down payment) as a direct bank deposit/ e-transfer to (no password required).

Once I receive your funds, I will confirm your spot in the course. I will also reach out to you again closer to the workshop date (February 1st/2nd, 2020) to touch base. Please email me if you have any questions:

Conscious Dance Workshop- completed

November 16, 2019

Conscious dance is a form of free-style dance that encourages people to move and express themselves joyfully in a community of like-minded people. The intention is to enter into a sacred, safe space and dance to a playlist of carefully chosen music that follows an arc. This arc or progression can vary in style and length, but usually, there are 5 main sections that take dancers on a 1-2 hours long movement journey. The music starts slow and grows in intensity and pace into a crescendo of chaotic rhythms and then begins to wind down resolving and ending in quiet movement meditation.

This workshop is designed for individuals who wish to deepen their understanding of conscious dance and how it can be used as a form of self-expression, creativity and healing through authentic, spontaneous physical movement. It is most suitable for dance enthusiasts, therapists and teachers.

Together, we will learn about the origins of conscious dance and its role as both an ancient, traditional (and contemporary) sacred practice for healing as well a form of artistic and playful expression. Whatever the purpose, conscious dance is fun, invigorating, revealing and challenging. Sometimes referred to as "a practice", this form of dance expression can be likened to a metaphor for life as we ride the many waves of emotional intensity and human experiences. The more we practice developing consciousness and surrendering to the dance practice with abandonment and intelligence, the more aware and confident we become.

Participants will be given opportunities to dance (solo, in pairs and as a group) and to listen carefully to music that evokes and supports our emotional world and inspires us to dance in different ways. They will also learn what's involved in creating their own conscious dance events if that's what excites them.

Come well hydrated and dress comfortably. The dance studio is at the back of a delicious restaurant called, Grassroots and so you can come early for lunch or coffee or a kombucha!

Barbara Dametto, your facilitator for the afternoon, is a seasoned dancer and conscious dance facilitator. She holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Dance and Theatre, has worked as a professional dancer and choreographer in Hamilton, Toronto, Peterborough and Guelph, has attended numerous conscious dance courses in Canada and the U.S., is a guest DJ for the Guelph Groove (a monthly event held on the second Saturday of the month), and is the co-presenter/ DJ for Guelph Conscious Dance (a monthly event held on the fourth Friday of the month).

This workshop will be capped at 25 participants.

For more information and to register, contact Barbara Dametto at

What: Conscious Dance Workshop

When: Saturday, November 16th, 1-4 pm

Where: Grassroots Market and Studio- 17 Gordon St, Guelph, ON.

Cost: $65 (e-transfer via TD Canada Trust direct deposit no password necessary).
Send funds to and email me to confirm your spot.

Grieving Through Mindfulness and Expressive Arts- Cancelled

August 02, 2019

Workshop Description:


Grief is a natural response to loss but often the emotional upheaval can leave an individual feeling lost, depleted and mentally exhausted. Understanding loss and learning how to navigate the unchartered waters of grief can be overwhelming especially if it is done in isolation. Practices such as meditation, yoga and creative/artistic expression grieving can help those that have had a loss to handle the grief journey more effectively. Learning how to tap into one’s own inner resources through meditation and expressive arts while grieving can empower individuals to manage their emotions and channel them into meaningful works of art. This process can encourage individuals to rediscover peace, resilience, joy and confidence in their lives.


This retreat is dedicated to supporting the bereaved and will help to equip participants with the tools to calm and strengthen the mind, reduce suffering, connect with creativity and cope with intense emotions. It is for people who are experiencing the pain of grief due to the loss of a loved one as well as other types of personal loss (job, relationship, divorce). Our time together will encourage the learning and practising of experiential techniques for understanding the nature and impact of grief and discovering new ways to practice self-care throughout the grieving process.


Some of the tools we will share with participants include breathing techniques, stress relieving yoga poses and sequences, conscious dance, expressive arts, journaling and simple ceremonial rituals to honour ourselves and our loved ones. All the while, we will be in communication with each other and the beautiful natural forest and lake landscape of Gaia Retreat Centre. We will have ample free time to rest, connect with nature, eat delicious meals and share in a safe environment that fosters community and trust with other participants.


Key Learning Objectives:


Understand the impact of loss and the impact that grief has on our mental, emotional and physical selves (and those around us).


Develop a plan and learn strategies for sustainable self-care and a daily mindful practice that empowers individuals to tap into their inner resilience and wisdom for the process of rebuilding their lives.


Engage in a complimentary private counselling session with Margaret Lorrie Beaton if you are in need of extra support.


Learn how to access your emotional world as the bases for your creativity. Your deepest wounds can become your greatest expressive and artistic assets. Some forms of art that we will practice may include spontaneous painting, collage, poetry, writing activities (dialoguing with loved ones, inner child, with objects from nature), mini sculptures, expressive movement, personal prayer flags and or soul cards.


Connect to higher states of personal wisdom and consciousness through meditation, yoga, silence, stillness, active listening and communing with nature.


Venue: Gaia Wellness Retreat


Cost: $550.00


This financial exchange includes course, accommodations (sleeping quarters and meals), art supplies, an optional private 30-minute counselling session with Margaret Lorrie Beaton (value $70) and taxes (14.97%).


Dates: 2 pm Friday, August 2nd, - 2 pm Sunday, August 4th, 2019 (3 days, 2 nights).


Location:  209 Chemin Usher La Peche, Quebec.

1 (613) 894-GAIA (4242)


Accommodations: Single bed occupancy in a shared cabin/room

Discounts for commuter participants not staying overnight

$40 extra for a private room


Includes 6 delicious vegetarian meals (2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, and 2 dinners) and the use of all amenities on the property ie. sauna, swimming, kayak, canoes, linens, coffee, tea, and firewood.


To book your retreat:


Contact Barbara Dametto 613 334-5459 (Guelph)

Send your payment via e transfer to

Direct deposit, no password necessary via TD Canada Trust.


For more information on the retreat venue visit:


Gaia Wellness Retreat

Touching the Sacred- Completed

September 23, 2018

Global Wellness Day: A day we recognize our responsibility to take care of ourselves physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically.

Langdon Hall invites you to explore and appreciate the beauty and sacredness of nature around the property with a guided walk followed by introspective journal writing, an art activity and a group meditation.


Using nature as the source of inspiration, participants will create beautiful oracle cards with personal messages from plants, forest objects and trees. Sometimes referred to as "medicine cards", we will draw on the wisdom of nature and our own inner knowledge to express and create something unique and sacred.


The workshop will conclude with a guided meditation to seal the teachings received in our bodies and to share this healing transmission with the world.

Where: 1 Langdon Drive, Cambridge, Ontario. Firshade Hall.
When: September 23rd, 1-4pm.
Cost: $75 (includes the nature walk, workshop, art materials, beautiful journal, refreshments).

Workshop Facilitator: Barbara Dametto c/o Breathe True Yoga, Guelph.

CALL 519-624-3220 TO PURCHASE


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