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Workshops and Events


Sunday Morning Yoga and Gong Bath.jpg

Sunday Yoga and Gong Bath

June 16th & 23rd, 10-11:30 am

Please join me for a series of Sunday morning yoga classes with a Paiste gong bath savasana.

Come and enjoy a restorative, engaging, and strengthening yoga class in the comfort of my home studio in Guelph. We will start with grounding breath work to tonify the lungs, then move into deep stretching for flexibility and gradually work our way into more engaging postures to empower and strengthen our bodies. The class will end with a beautiful and relaxing extended savasana accompanied by 2 exquisite Paiste Gongs. This practice is suitable for people with some previous yoga experience.

Please bring a yoga mat and dress comfortably. Please refrain from wearing perfume.

Maximum 4 participants (pre-registered)

Where: My home studio in Guelph, ON.

Cost: $25 per class (preregister) email/etransfer:

Friday Evening Sound Bath.jpg

Friday Evening Sound Bath

Friday, June 14th, 7:30-9 pm

Please join me for a relaxing 1-hour-long sound bath.

Come and wind down after your busy week. Lie down, get comfortable, and receive healing vibrations. I will cover you with cotton blankets and support your body with pillows, bolsters, and eye coverings. For one whole, glorious hour, I will bathe you in the most exquisite, vibrational sounds created by drums, rainsticks, rattles, dulcimer, hand pan, Planetary Paiste gongs, crystal singing bowls, shruti box, vocables, chimes, tuning forks and more.

Be prepared to drop deeply into an altered state of consciousness (theta brain state) where deep restoration and healing can occur.

I have comfy mattresses, blankets, pillows, etc. so there is no need to bring anything. Wear comfortable clothes and please avoid wearing perfume.

Arrive by 7:20 p.m.

Maximum 6 people.

Where: My home studio in Guelph, ON.

Cost: $40 (preregister)


Guelph Conscious Dance.jpg

Conscious Dance Event

Saturday, June 15th, 7:30-9 pm

Conscious dance leads participants on a movement journey of physical and emotional transformation. Through breath, sweat, and expression, participants experience themselves as pure powerful energy. 

Conscious dance is not about learning steps, it’s about allowing what is invisible within us (emotions, sensations, images, impulses) to be expressed through our unique movement and style. It activates the imagination and utilizes diverse music to create an ecstatic celebration of the human spirit.

The music will follow an arc, beginning with slower, grounding music, building up to faster dance beats intended to invite release, and then transitioning back down to prayerful music. There is no right or wrong way to move. Best to simply show and "be moved".

Check out this YouTube video of me explaining conscious dance.

Arrive between 7:15-7:30 pm. Street-level doors will be locked by 7:35 pm. The dance will start at 7:30 and end at 9 p.m.

Where: 42 Quebec Street, 3rd floor, Guelph, On.

Cost: $20 cash at the door or e-transfer:

Chakra Sound Training.jpeg

Sound Healing Practitioners Chakra Training Course- Full

Sunday, June 2nd, 10 am-5 pm

This one-day workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about the ancient Hindu chakra system and how it relates to sound and vibration. I will tailor this course for people who are already working in the healing arts profession and want to embellish their existing practice with more information regarding sound healing and the chakras. 


Participants will experience a group chakra sound bath followed by a discussion of the sound healing techniques and musical instruments used to invigorate each of the 7 centres.   


We will learn and practice the bija mantras (seed sounds), the Ayurvedic vowel tones, and a mantra for each chakra. Participants will then be able to practice playing the instruments and create a chakra sound healing journey with each other. I'm happy to advise participants on what musical instruments they will need to offer their own chakra sound journeys and where to purchase them. I will also have some beautiful drums, rattles, rainsticks etc. earthtonesstudio


This will be a practical, hands-on, experiential workshop and you will leave with new information and skills to enable you to facilitate similar sound journeys for others. 


I will supply all the musical instruments, mattresses, blankets, pillows, bolsters, etc. I will have beautiful musical instruments for sale made by Earth Tones Studio

Where: My home studio in Guelph, ON.

Maximum 5 participants

Cost: $140 (includes HST)


Sound Healing Practitioners Weekend Course.jpg

Sound Healing Practitioners Weekend Training Course

Saturday & Sunday, May 11th-12th, 10 am-5 pm

This weekend course is for anyone interested in learning more about the theory and benefits of sound healing and how to design and orchestrate a sound healing experience for others. I will supply all the musical instruments but feel free to bring more. 

On both days, participants will experience a deep sound journey experience to start the day.

On Saturday, we will delve into theory: 

  • The History of Sound Healing

  •  What is Sound Healing?

  •  Nada Yoga & Chanting AUM

  • What is Vibration? 

  • What is Frequency?

  • What is Resonance?

  • What is Entrainment?

  • Listening Vs Hearing

  • 528 Hz Music & Solfeggio Scale

  • Sound Healing & Brain Wave States

  • Do Planets Vibrate?

  • What is Cymatics?

  • The Science of Sound (how sound promotes healing in the body)

On Sunday, we will explore and practice:


  • Playing with the Musical Instruments

  • How to Plan a Sound Journey

  • Which Musical Instruments to Use

  • Creating a Thematic Soundscape

  • Setting Intentions with Clients Before the Sound Journey

  • Sound Healing Practice on Each Other

  • Holding a Safe Space for Participants

  • The Best Musical Instruments: What & Where to Buy

  • A Closing Mantra

Where: My home studio in Guelph, ON.

Maximum 5 participants

Cost: $275 (includes HST)

email/e transfer:

Mantra Chanting for the 7 Chakras.jpg

Mantra Chanting For the 7 Chakras


In the Yoga tradition of ancient India, mantra is a type of chant that is recited to raise a person's vibration and ultimately heal and empower both them and others.


Chanting can bring us to deep states of calm while elevating our overall health and well-being. When we practice this form of prayer, we aim to embody our sense of inner peace while merging our connection to Divine consciousness.

Chanting can be grounding and liberating simultaneously because it brings us into deep connection with the breath and the body while opening our mind perceptions and allowing the soul to experience itself. It's one thing to make a vocal sound but when imbued with an intention, then healing can occur because we align with something far greater than ourselves.

In this 2.5-hour-long workshop, we will learn and practice singing 7 different mantras. Each one will be specifically chosen to empower one of the 7 energy centres.

Please bring a recording device, notepad/journal, pen, and water.

Maximum 6 participants.

Where: My home studio in Guelph, ON.

Cost: $60 (preregister)


Private Yoga Classes.jpg

Private Yoga Class


Tell me what kind of yoga class you want and any physical needs you might have and I will design a class just for you! I will teach it to you, provide a PDF copy and be available for questions and clarifications. Private yoga classes can be delivered in person or via Google Meet. Both options greatly further and deepen your yoga practice and understanding.

Private classes are approximately 2 hours long. 

Where: My home studio in Guelph, ON.

Cost: $120 paid via e-transfer:

"Barbra tailored my very own personal yoga flow, she was very helpful with making sure the yoga poses and breathing techniques were done properly to avoid any injuries. Thank you for opening up your space, I greatly appreciated it."

Monique Young

Sound Healing

Private Sound Healing


Sound healing penetrates a person's mind, emotions, and body to help bring them to states of deep relaxation. If you suffer from insomnia, anxiety, depression, or grief, this modality can help you to release and restore. Sound healing is also a wonderful way to simply treat yourself to a beautiful experience where you are bathed in drones, musical instruments, vocal toning, and vibrational frequencies that are known for their restorative qualities.


I offer several different thematic sound healing sessions. All are beautiful, deep, and extremely relaxing. 


Typically, a session takes 1.5 hours and the person leaves feeling rested and restored.

Where: My home studio in Guelph, ON.

Cost: $120 :


"Barbara (Eva) has delivered her sound healing sessions at a number of my meditation retreats. She has a refined intuitive ability to know what soundings have the greatest healing effect on participants. I highly recommend her sessions." Russell Scott. 

Chakra Numerology

Chakra Numerology


Chakra numerology helps us to discover and understand our birth path in this lifetime. Through specific mathematical calculations based on our birthdays, we can gain insight into our dominant and minor chakras and create a personal calendar to help us evolve on our spiritual journeys. This calendar lets us study the effects of our assigned chakra energies which helps us to understand and contextualize our experiences in life. Knowing the effects of these energies can help us to bring presence and mindfulness to the ever-unfolding experiences that life presents us with.


In this session, you will obtain more self-awareness and practical knowledge ie. insights regarding health, relationships, career, life decisions, etc.


Typically, a session takes 1.5 hours long and the person leaves with a personal chart and typed handout.

Where: My home studio in Guelph, ON.

Cost: $120


Self Healing
Six-Week Program

Welcome to my unique Six-Week Program. Here you will develop a daily practice/regime that will help to ground and strengthen your body, shift your energy, balance your emotions, calm your nervous system, cultivate inner peace, and connect you to your divinity through expressive arts.​

This program teaches 5 different healing modalities to help you become more grounded, peaceful, and expressive. Each week is a different modality. Week one starts with yoga/and or conscious dance. In week two we explore pranayama (breath work). Week three is sound healing and sacred mantra. In week four we'll learn and practice silent, seated meditation. In weeks five/six we explore archetypal mask creation and character development.


I offer the program in person and via Google Meet.

Click here to learn more about my 6-Week Program.

Where: My home studio in Guelph, ON.

Cost: $800 paid via e-transfer:

Archetypes Through Mask.jpg
Exploring Archetypes Through Mask

Please join Barbara Dametto and Natalia Brajak for an afternoon of playful physical theatre, archetypal character investigation, and papier-mache mask exploration.


This full-day workshop will be an opportunity for participants to delve into their understanding of what Carl Jung referred to as: “Innate, unlearned patterns of influence that shape the self.” It is suitable for anyone curious about self-exploration, expressive arts, and different healing modalities.

About Mask Work: 

Mask work is a form of expressive arts therapy that opens us to the many layers of our psyche in a fun, creative, and safe way. It is the process of exploring our personas (archetypes) by delving into the psychology and characterization of 3-dimensional, wearable, papier mache masks. Mask work allows us to investigate aspects of ourselves that perhaps are unrealized or unexpressed. We do this through guided techniques and exploratory processes that encourage us to befriend the masks in ways that are playful and deep.

For more information about this amazing workshop, click here.

Cacoa Ceremony
Illumina: Visions of the Heart
TBA (7-10 pm)

Join me for a beautiful evening of conscious dance, breathwork, sacred cacao, heart-opening meditation, singing, and an outdoor fire circle.

During these accelerated and life-changing times, it's important to gather with like-minded people to intentionally create the reality we prefer- a reality based on love.


Connecting to our bodies through movement and breathwork as medicine grounds us in our physical world.


Drinking sacred cacao (and acknowledging both this Mayan tradition and the elemental world in nature) brings us into direct communication with the wisdom of our hearts and our ancestors.


Meditation allows us to become empty so that Source wisdom can clearly communicate with us.


Rejoicing in songful prayer unites and strengthens our ties with one another.


Taking our experience around an outdoor fire, burns and transforms our intentions and ignites our spirits to soar into the unlimited possibilities of the universe.

Please contact me prior to sending your e-transfer to confirm your spot in the event as it typically fills up quickly. 

Cost: $75-

Yoga/Sound Healing Workshop
Earth My Body, Sound My Soul

During this 2.5-hour long workshop, participants will be guided through two unique journeys- an earth/body physical journey and a sound/soul ethereal journey.

We will begin with a grounding body practice involving breath work, deep body stretches, and a fun, shaking earth-medicine dance.


We will then transition into an expansive, sacred sound bath that will take us deep into our vibratory nature and beyond. Sacred sound can easily instill the theta brain wave state (a deeply relaxed state of mind) where there's a strong connection to our creativity, memories, intuition, and dreams. Theta brain wave states are akin to deep qualities of meditation, prayer, and spiritual awakening experiences.

Come and enjoy the healing sound frequencies of Paiste Gongs, crystal singing bowls, Auracle hand pan, frame drums, rattles, ocean drums, shruti box, chimes, tuning forks, vocal toning, and more. Leave feeling resonated, rested, and restored.

Please bring a yoga mat and water bottle (I have blankets and cushions) and wear comfortable clothes. Maximum 6 people.

Where: My home studio in Guelph, ON.

Cost: $60 


Tree of Life Sound Journey
Tree of Life Sound Journey

This 2.5-hour-long sound journey uses the metaphor of the Tree of Life which is often a symbol of death, life, and immortality. The ancient Celts believed that trees were their ancestors and gatekeepers to the other worlds.

We'll start the sound journey with the "roots" section (the ancestral lower realms). Musical instruments such as C note didgeridoo drones, rattles, Native drums, and thunder drums are used to stabilize and give an overall sense of solidity and connection to what lies beneath.

The "trunk" section of the sound journey (the earthly realms) will combine the key of E with consistent, rhythmic, rapid drumming to attain a shamanic trance state. The steady beat of drumming is a powerful tool for relaxing the body and bringing both hemispheres of the brain into balance. 

The "branches" section of the sound journey (the upper world) will combine the key of A with light and airy musical instruments such as Paiste planetary gongs, crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, and chimes to elevate and relax us into an altered state of expanded consciousness and peace.​

Maximum 6 participants.

Where: My home studio in Guelph, ON.

Cost: $60-

Chakra Alignment.jpg
Chakra Balancing Meditation & Sound Journey

The chakras are spinning universal energy vortexes that express themselves in the pranic (energy) body from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Each has its own associated physical and psychological characteristics. 

This 2.5 hour-long workshop will take place in two parts: 


Participants will first be guided through a series of chakra awareness activities. Deep stretching/strengthening techniques, movement expression, breathwork, vowel toning, meditation, and savasana relaxation will activate each center and bring the body, emotions, and mind into a beautiful state of harmony and oneness.


The second part of this event will be a one-hour-long sound bath that uses specific musical instruments aimed to calm and stimulate each chakra center. As we move from the 1st chakra to the 7th chakra, we journey from the denser realms and lower musical notes to the spiritual realms and higher, more delicate musical notes. 


Please bring a yoga mat and water bottle (I have blankets and cushions) and wear comfortable clothes. Please avoid wearing perfume. Maximum 6 people.

Where: My home studio in Guelph, ON.

Cost: $60


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