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Barbara Dametto: Yoga Instructor, Sound Healer, Expressive Arts Practitioner

Helping People Cultivate Self-Awareness, Confidence and Creativity 

to Live With Joy and Purpose.


Guelph Conscioius Dance

Conscious Dance Event

June 25th- 7:45 pm, 2021 (no events in July and August 2021)

Conscious Dance is a dynamic dance form that combines freestyle and structured movement to inspire you to get out of your mind and into your body.

The arc-like flow of the pre-recorded DJ'd music leads participants on a ritual journey of physical and emotional transformation. Through breath, sweat, and expression, participants gain a palpable experience of themselves as pure powerful energy. In Conscious Dance, we dance without mirrors to release judgment of ourselves and others.


Conscious Dance is not about learning steps, it’s about revealing, recovering, and rediscovering our natural intuitive movement. We activate the imagination and utilize diverse forms of freestyle improvisational dance to a soundtrack of inspiring and diverse music, creating a barefoot ecstatic celebration of the human spirit.

Presently, I am offering monthly events via Zoom on the 4th Friday of the month. All are welcome!

Cost: by donation e-transfer

Check out my Facebook group page:

Check out my short Conscious Dance video sponsored by Guelph Dance:

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Barbara Dametto

Private Yoga Class


Tell me what kind of class you want as well as any physical needs you might have and I will design a class just for you! I will teach it to you, provide a PDF copy and be available for questions and clarifications.

Private yoga classes can be delivered in person or via Zoom. Both options are extremely effective in furthering and deepening your yoga practice and understanding.
Cost: $120

"Barbra tailored my very own personal yoga flow, she was very helpful with making sure the yoga poses and breathing techniques were done properly to avoid any injuries. Thank you for opening up your space, I greatly appreciated it." Monique Y.

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Barbara Dametto


Weekly Zoom Yoga Class

Sunday's and Wednesday's 10 am 

(no classes in August 2021)

Join me every Sunday and Wednesday morning for a 1.15 hour-long hatha yoga class.

We start with a fun dance to get the juices flowing, then some gentle stretching, then pranayama, followed by a strengthening asana practice and ending with silent meditation.

Classes are drop-in style so you can come and go as you please. 

Cost: $10 per class payable via

e-transfer (directly after the class):

I am greatly benefiting from Barbara’s Yoga classes both privately and on Zoom.

Her years of experience in Yoga, breathwork, dance and the study of movement give her the keen ability to adapt the poses to support my particular physical challenges. Through her classes, I am regaining my physical strength and learning how to trust the wisdom in my own body."Jocelyn Drainie


Barbara Dametto

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Weekly Zoom Meditation

Sunday's 7-8 pm (no classes in August 2021)

Join me every Sunday evening for a one-hour long meditation class. This class is divided into 4- 15 minute-long sections:


Part 1- Movement as meditation (I will share a piece of music). Eyes are closed as you follow your own authentic impulses. Make sure you have your computer plugged into an external speaker or you have headphones/earbuds.

Part 2- Seated meditation focusing on the natural breath with some guided meditation instructions.

Part 3- Seated meditation focusing on the body with some guided meditation instructions.

Part 4- Reclining meditation savasana with quiet music. 

Classes are drop-in style so you can come and go as you please. 

Cost: free


Barbara Dametto

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Yoga Astrology Reading


Yantra yoga is a form of yogic astrology that helps us to discover and understand our birth path in this lifetime. Through specific mathematical calculations based on our birthdays, we can gain insight into our dominant and minor chakras and create a personal calendar to help us evolve on our spiritual journeys. This calendar lets us study the effects of our assigned chakra energies which helps us to understand and contextualize our experiences in life. Knowing the effects of these energies can help us to bring presence and mindfulness to the ever-unfolding experiences that life presents us with.


In this session, you will be guided to understand these concepts in order to obtain more self-awareness and practical knowledge ie. insights regarding health, relationships, career, life decisions etc.


Typically, a yantra yoga private session takes 1 hour long and the person leaves with a personal chart and typed handout.

Cost: $85

For a private and informative Yantra Yoga Life Path Reading, either in person or via Zoom or email, please contact:


Barbara Dametto


Private Sound Session


I offer several different thematic sound healing sessions. All are beautiful, deep and extremely relaxing.
Cost: $120

"I felt very relaxed and at peace the day after my sound healing session. I've been sleeping well and finding it hard to get out of bed (I normally don't feel this way). My body and mind are finally relaxed after being in a state of constant anxiety for so long. Highly recommend this amazing experience. Be open to it and you will receive wonderful, healing benefits." Meghan A.


Barbara Dametto

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Mask Work

On Going

1. Weekend Workshop: This workshop runs all day both Saturday and Sunday (10 am-5 pm). We gather is a beautiful studio setting (in Guelph or elsewhere). I will take the group through the process of mask creation and character development. All art materials are included.


There is also a post-course, follow-up Zoom session that is included to help participants dive deeper into their masks.

Cost: $350

2. Unmasking Session: Choose one of my masks that you are most drawn to, put it on and sit in front of a mirror. I will guide you through a series of character development instructions and questions. These one-hour long sessions are powerful experiences whereby you (the client) surrender your personal character and allow the wisdom of the mask to come through in order to help you better understand a situation in your life. The sessions are experienced in person usually at my studio in Guelph (although I can also come to you. We will need access to an open, private room and a large mirror).

Cost: $120


Barbara Dametto


Six-Week Program


This program teaches 5 different healing modalities to help you become more grounded, peaceful, and expressive. 

I offer the program via Zoom so you can participate in the comfort of your own home. 

Week 1: Yoga Class or Conscious Dance Class (1 hour)

Week 2: Breath-Work Class (1 hour)

Week 3: Sound Healing Session and Personal Mantra (1 hour)

Week 4: Meditation Training and Practice (1 hour)

Week 5: Mask Creation (1 hour)

Week 6: Character Development and Mask Journey (1 hour)

Total Course Hours: 6 hours plus additional help if needed.

Cost: $600 (art supplies not included)


Barbara Dametto


Sacred Sound Courses

On Going

Sound yokes us to universal consciousness. It is powerfully linked to our well-being since its vibratory nature impacts our energetic and physical bodies. When sound is imbued with intention (such as love), it becomes sacred. In nada yoga (the yoga of sound), the ear is the gateway to the soul. Sound is the emanation of any tone, frequency or vibration. Music is the organization of sound. 

We gather in either a studio setting or via Zoom on a Saturday and Sunday from 1-4 pm to discuss and explore many different aspects of sound as a healing modality.

The emphasis of the level 1 course is on understanding concepts such as Nada yoga, sound healing, frequency, vibration, resonance, binaural beats, entrainment, cymatics, Solfeggio scale, 528 Hz (the miracle frequency), and the science of sound and cancer treatment. We also look at what musical instruments are best used for sound healing.

The emphasis of the level 2 course is on vocalization, creating soundscapes, working with themes, expressing sound through words and visual art, vocal toning for the chakras and corresponding organs, mantra, trance rhythms, and dance to alter states of consciousness and shamanic sound journeying to connect with the earth energies.​

Cost: $250


Barbara Dametto