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What People Have to Say About Barbara Dametto's Offerings:

If you are considering taking the Sound Healing Practitioners Course, follow that thought and do it! This course is much more than you can expect to learn and experience in one weekend. Barbara is inspiring, full of knowledge, wise in her words and her silence, warm, and generous. I traveled from Prince Edward Island to join in on this course and I will come again in a heartbeat!
     Buffy Wallace

Participating in the Sound Healing Practitioners Course provided a great overview of how to create a sound journey. We were introduced to many of the instruments that one can use in combination. Gaining interesting insights into the science of sound was a bonus. Barbara is passionate, articulate, and educated through her rich experiences. She brings forward her teachings in an inclusive, experiential, and clear way.

     Natalia Brajak

Barbara has studied and practiced various expressive arts disciplines for decades. I deeply respect how Barbara’s life experiences inform her work and undergird how she facilitates sessions. Whether guiding a yoga class, leading a dance session, facilitating an explorative art session, or making therapeutic sound for others, her sessions are enlivened and ensouled with compassion, kindness, and encouragement to explore boldly or mindfully. Barbara, as I know from personal experience, is also a conscientious and dynamic collaborator.

     Gary Diggins

I received a sound healing session with Barbara where she used her gongs and crystal bowls. The session took me to a very deep state of relaxation and rest /sleep. It took a while to get back into my body and get off the floor. Once I got home, I realized I needed to rest. The rest expanded into 16 hours of sleep! Thanks, Barbara for this session that helped me realize the level of exhaustion that I needed to surrender to. That stretch of rest allowed healing to occur.

     Carol Kraft

I attended a sound healing and also received one-on-one instruction from Barbara. She has a deep understanding of alternative healing modalities and she shares this in a fun, easy-going way that can be appreciated and understood by anyone. It was my first sound healing and Barbara's session felt sacred and magical. Everything in me was vibrating peacefully with everything around me. With the private instruction, Barbara listened to what I was looking for and she crafted the classes to fit my needs. I could see how much thought and planning went into each session before I arrived. This, along with her vast experience, allowed for the sessions to unfold smoothly and with precision. In addition to her vast knowledge and being a master of her craft, Barbara has soft human qualities that make the experience easy and fun. She's laid back, humble, and a good listener. It's about you and the knowledge, not about her. You can see how important it is to her that you are learning and growing. Barbara, thanks so much for your help and your teachings. You have blessed and enriched my life and I look forward to seeing you again and learning from you.

     Brian Gomes

Barbara (Eva) has provided sound healing sessions at a number of my meditation retreats. Participants have always felt wonderfully relaxed, rejuvenated, and deeply in touch with their inner beings. She has a refined intuitive ability to know what soundings have the greatest healing effect on participants. I highly recommend her sessions.

     Russell Scott

I've attended Barbara's sound healing and movement programs and found them to be very healing. Barbara has a deep sense of what is needed for her participants sonically, energetically, and physically. I felt very safe, held, and inspired by her facilitation!

     Brenda McMorrow

Barbara is a wise and inspirational yoga teacher who blends a perfect balance of movement and breath with compassion and joy.  I look forward to her classes so I can continue the healing stretches and energy work that leads to a healthy body and mind.

     Lynda Walters

All of Barbara Dametto shows up as she delivers yoga lessons that never fail to engage students in an in-depth journey through yoga tradition and philosophy. In 20 years as a yoga student, I have rarely encountered a teacher who is so inspired by the very spirit of yoga!  Her class is an experience that is both deeply personal and universal. Truly a life-affirming experience!

     Leanne Forsythe

I had the pleasure of working with Barbara through her six-week program: Creating and Living from Wholeness. Each class explored a different modality (yoga, breath, sound, meditation, and mask making) tailored to my unique goals and needs. The classes were thoughtful, well-put-together, fun, and meaningful. Barbara provided a warm, safe space for me to experience profound growth and healing! I am a different woman from having taken this course. I would highly recommend any of Barbara's offerings!

     Jessie O'Donnell

I have danced with Barbara for two years now. She crafts exquisite musical journeys and skillfully invites a deeper exploration of movement, feeling, sense, and space. She is a true gift to the conscious dance community here in Guelph.

     Scott Krayenoff

Barbara is a special being. When you're around people who know their stuff, you can feel it. If you don't know what I mean, being in Barbara's energy will show you! I can't say enough goodness. She's ethereal. She's here to help. She's on her life's path.

     Mark Spagnolo

Barbara is highly skilled and immediately made me feel safe and calm. Her musical gifts and varied talents combine to take you on a journey through carefully curated sounds. I felt her genuine love throughout her wonderful sound bath healing session.

     Maggie Olsthroon

Kindness, compassion, and deep listening are some of the qualities I have noticed while working with Barbara. Her wisdom and insight are gifts she shares freely. I recommend taking an opportunity to work with this Blessed Being!!

     Jenny Lucs

I love Barbara's classes! I have attended both her yoga and dance classes and she is an embodied and powerful teacher.

     Bethany Klapwyk

Many thanks for your soulful healing music and work. May the Angels of music bless you. Best of inspiration and continuation with your work.

    Oliver Couto

I had my first sound healing session with Barbara last evening and it was absolutely transcendent. It took me to another place and I felt completely grounded in my body. It became apparent that this woman is immersed and in touch with unlocking the true potential of this wonderful sound and vibration modality. Thank you for the soulful journey my lovely. You have an amazing gift!

     Christine LaRocque

I enjoyed a beautiful Essential Oil Workshop with Barbara. it was a wonderful learning experience and a fun way to spend an afternoon! Her knowledge and insights are true gifts.

     Alison Chang


Barbara tailored my very own personal yoga flow, she was very helpful with making sure the yoga poses and breathing techniques were done properly to avoid any injuries. I greatly appreciated it.

     Monique Young

I loved the Alcohol Ink Art Workshop I attended. It was such an amazing process! I have always found Barbara's teachings, words, and creativity to be inspiring, clear, and genuine. What I created, turned out to be so beautiful, something I had never imagined possible! 

     Jackie Maric

Barbara's sound healing of many instruments felt thoroughly restful, rejuvenating, and nourishing. I felt myself, traveling with the sound waves inward to feel a deep sense of peace and tranquillity, also facilitating more awareness of myself in vibrational ways. They also took me outward to experience an expansive sense of space and possibility.

     Nadine Changfoot


I am greatly benefiting from Barbara’s yoga classes both privately and on Zoom. Her years of experience in yoga, breathwork, dance, and the study of movement, give her the keen ability to adapt the poses to support my particular physical challenges. Through her classes, I am regaining my physical strength and learning how to trust the wisdom in my own body.

     Jocelyn Drainie

Had a beautiful experience as I felt vibrational sound waves from a gong bath float through me. This helped me to release the negative energy that I carry from my job as a nurse. A truly transformative experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you,

     Shelly Wood

Joining Barbara’s yoga classes is like an instant breath of fresh air. Her kindness, compassion, and acceptance create feelings of warmth and confidence. She guides us through the program with thorough explanations while taking us gently into an enlightened space. I feel blessed to have found her.

     Margaret Street

Barbara (Eva) has a wonderful and authentic approach to yoga. Her teachings come from a deep place of knowledge. She is able to articulate movements in a fun and insightful way. Her classes are always very well-researched and touch on many aspects of yoga including Sanskrit texts, yoga poses, and meditation. Her many years of learning and teaching come through in a friendly and dynamic way. Further, her love and compassion are always present making students feel at ease and peaceful.

     Suzanne Vaillancourt

Barbara Dametto's sound journeys are amazing! I would highly recommend going to one.  Switch up your self-care practice this month and let her take you on a journey!

     Sonja DenElzen

My daughter and I together recently received one of Barbara's sound healings. We each lay comfortably cocooned in a cozy blanket and were bathed in the sound vibrations of many musical instruments. It was a deeply relaxing, meditative, sonic journey, which I highly recommend. I have also witnessed Barbara in action as a co-presenter at a meditation retreat. I found her to be engaging, caring, and able to create and hold space in a skillful way.

     Robin Grant

Barbara is truly a natural-born yoga teacher and it's because of teachers like her that yoga has come so far around the world. I highly recommend her!

     Eli Bouchard

I did a Mala workshop in Barbara's studio and it was a wonderful experience. Barbara's space is inviting and calm. She's so creative and gives so much thought and wisdom to what she teaches.

     Michelle Whittaker

Although I was a little unsure of what to expect from Barbara's sound healing experience, I was completely delighted and amazed by the journey. We began by discussing the significance of the Chakras, and then I spent the next hour immersed in the most relaxing experience of my life. As she played different instruments, I went into a deep sleep where I experienced a dream state that offered complete peace. I've returned to do it again and I highly recommend it as a gift to yourself or someone else.

     Crista Renner

I had a restorative and nurturing sound healing session with Barbara. She took the time to hear where I was at and inform me of what to expect in the process. I felt safe and supported by her presence. I was soon wrapped in a sound cocoon as she played beautiful music to support my restoration.

     Angela Herzog

Barbara is an amazing yoga instructor. I have enjoyed her classes very much. I really like the way she combines yoga with sound healing and meditation. It is a unique and very powerful session. Also, I did a shamanic sound journey, a chakra numerology reading, and an essential oil perfume workshop with Barbara and they were all great experiences!

     Marcella Riveros

I felt very relaxed and at peace the day after my sound healing session. I've been sleeping well and finding it hard to get out of bed (I normally don't feel this way). My body and mind are finally relaxed after being in a state of constant anxiety for so long. Highly recommend this amazing experience. Be open to it and you will receive wonderful, healing benefits.

     Megan Hall

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