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Gift Card Ideas

Breathe True Gift Cards are a unique and meaningful way to purchase a special gift for a special person. Gift Cards are more economical than purchasing my products and offerings on their own. All prices include HST. Shipping fees may apply. 

Here are some awesome ideas:

1. General Gift Card

Apply this gift card to any of my products or services. Choose the amount you want to spend and let your friend pick from any of my offerings,

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Cost: Gift Cards come in denominations of $20 $40$80, $100, $120, $200

2. Birthday Workshop Gift Card

Give the gift of an experience! Buy for a friend (or purchase it for yourself) and invite all your besties to a 1.15 hour-long Zoom conscious dance, sound journey, expressive arts activity and fun group game to celebrate your dear friend's special day. I will host, invite your guests (as many as you want), organize the event, lead the activities and follow up with sharing the dance music playlist with everyone involved. Such a fun birthday thing to do with friends near and far.

Cost: $150

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3. Combo Gift Card

Combo 1: Relaxing ethereal sound journey, an expressive arts activity and sharing, and either a beautiful Solfeggio tuning fork meditation (one-hour in-studio or via Zoom). Suitable for folks who love sound healing and self-expression.
This Gift Combo includes a 528Hz Tuning Fork.
Cost: $160

Combo 2: Life Path yantra yoga astrological reading and a balancing essential oil perfume to support your dominant chakra (one-hour in-studio or via Zoom). Suitable for folks who want to learn more about their personality and numerology. 

This Gift Combo includes one of my body blend perfumes.

Cost: $95 

Combo 3: Plant medicine divination card reading and an essential oil perfume blend to support your healing. The perfume blend is created during our session and is based on your needs. Every essential oil carries unique healing properties so the perfume itself will be based on the divination card and your own inherent wisdom. A pendulum is also used to help pick the exact essential oils (one-hour in-studio or via Zoom). Suitable for folks who are seeking clarity and insight into a particular question or issue.
This Gift Combo includes a perfume oil blend (10 ml) and gemstone pendulum (comes in silk bag).
Cost: $95

Combo 4:  Freestyle movement/dance meditation (with pre-recorded music), palming the eyes with an essential oil meditation blend, guided seated mindfulness meditation (breath and body scan), AUM chanting, and a smoke ceremony to purify your energy (one-hour in-studio or via Zoom). Suitable for folks who are in need of emotional support.
This Gift Combo includes a grounding meditation oil (10 ml), a small bag of white sage or Palo Santo stick, and a beautiful hand-made smudge wand (comes wrapped in a silk cloth). If we use Zoom, we can arrange it so that you'll have the oil, sage, and smudge wand in advance.
Cost: $ 200

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