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Introverts and Empaths

Did you know that introverts are not actually quiet people? They are only quiet when in the wrong company. If you are with friends that you truly feel safe, comfortable, and confident with, you'll actually be more extroverted.

Empaths are the same. Empaths often feel tuned in to the feelings of others, can be described as sensitive, and may be uncomfortable in crowds. They bring a lot of heart and care to the world and feel things very deeply. Empaths have a higher sensitivity to outside stimuli such as sounds, big personalities, and hectic environments. Knowing some of these traits can help them understand why they feel what they feel and respond how they do.

Empaths (we) suffer because we don't find our community/tribe. Because we are a minority, it's crucial that we make friends with other empaths (even on social media). Notice when we really feel akin to someone or something and go towards that intuition. Trust it. Like a web, we empower ourselves and others when we are connected- isolation is our biggest pain point.

Here are 15 signs you might be an empath.

1. You have a lot of empathy

2. Closeness and intimacy can overwhelm you

3. You have good intuition

4. You take comfort in nature.

5. You don’t do well in crowded places

6. You have a hard time not caring

7. People tend to tell you their problems

8. You have a high sensitivity to sounds, smells, or sensations

9. You need time to recharge

10. You don’t like conflict

11. You often feel like you don’t fit in

12. You tend to isolate

13. You have a hard time setting boundaries

14. You see the world in unique ways

15. You sometimes find it tough to cope with sensory and emotional overload

There are three different types of empaths: emotional, physical, and intuitive.

Emotional empaths are highly sensitive to the emotions of other people. For example, when another person is sad or happy, they also become sad or happy.

Physical empaths are very sensitive to the pain and illnesses of others. They may even experience empathic illnesses or symptoms that are not actually their own.

Intuitive empaths are extremely perceptive. Although there is no scientific evidence to support it, intuitive empaths may believe they are psychic or telepathic. Some may think they are able to communicate with plants and animals.

I'm an introvert and an empath!

It's beautiful and it's hard.


Barbara Dametto

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