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"Hang-Sah Kriya": Inhale the New, Exhale the Old

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

"Hang-Sah Kriya" is a concentration technique that uses a combination of breath, sound, and visualization to clear the mind for meditation. This ancient yoga practice gives us the ability to deprogram the brain cells thereby letting go of old negative energy patterns and making way for more positive inspirations.

To begin, start with a few Om mantras to attune yourself to the universal vibration. Then, visualize your head inside of a pyramid with the base of your brain resting at the bottom, your ears along the sides, and the crown of your head resting 6 inches below the pointed top of the pyramid.

Next, as you take a full breath into the count of 8, internally chant the sound "Sah" and visualize a wave of energy moving across the floor of the brain (at the base of the pyramid) from outside the left ear, across to the base and outside the right ear. Pause. Now exhale for the count of 8 while internally chanting the sound "Hung" from outside the right ear, across the base of the pyramid/brain, and out the left ear. Pause. Now repeat this process- the in-breath with the "sah" and the outbreathe with "hang" continually moving back and forth across the base of the pyramid/brain. As you do this, slowly begin to move upwards following the shape of the pyramid with the 8 count breath and side to side rhythm repeating the mantra "Sah-Hung". Do this for 20 minutes and gradually begin to shorten your breath count as you move upwards in your pyramid visualization with a slow and steady breath which gradually will become shorter and shorter until you reach the point at the top with no breath and an empty mind. Regular practice of this technique will clear the mind and create deep, inner calm.

In Sanskrit (the language of ancient yoga), the word "Hang" is a vibration associated with the individual ego which we let go of with the out-breath. "Sah" is the sound of incoming energy from the universe which we take in with the in-breath. So what we are doing, is letting out the old, habitual thought patterns and taking in new, inspiration. One could also interpret this technique as breathing in emotional stability/God/Sah and breathing out emotional instability/Ego/Hang.

Hang-Sah Kriya- the rhythmic breath from left to right while visualizing the brain or body inside a pyramid, disempowers negative energies and old karmic knots. It is a beautiful and ancient yogic practice that can help free us from suffering (that originates in the mind) and allows us to move forward on our spiritual path.

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