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The Gem Beneath the Stone

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Divine intelligence presents itself in mysterious ways. There is always duality- such is the nature of existence itself. There is always a bigger cosmic/karmic picture to every event.

Throughout history, time and time again there are heinous atrocities and there are awe-inspiring miracles. Acts of hatred and acts of love go hand in hand. It's up to us to choose love. This may look like taking a brave political stance, exhibiting great acts of courage, expressing our truth, tending a garden, doing yoga, creating art, playing music, cooking a nourishing meal, taking a hot bath. It all starts with self-care and self-love. Strengthening our inner vibration is imperative so that we are equipped to deal with adversity, uncertainty, and suffering. When we fall into the lower vibration of fear, we inadvertently feed the very source of the problem itself.

Someone once said that the only thing to fear is fear itself. Fear diminishes our energy and our life force. It's not who we are and it's not real. It's an alignment with the dark forces (which are real). Do we want to feed those energies or do we want to shift perspectives and feed love?

For myself, spending time in nature always brings me out of low vibrational states and into inner peace and calm. Hugging a tree is powerful medicine. I recite mantras and affirmations and I remind myself of all my blessings- a healthy body, ability to breathe, a job, food in my fridge, a roof over my head, amazing family and friends. And even though the overlay of scary external narratives co-exists, I choose love. I AM love. It's not something I'm seeking because the seeker can't seek what it already is- it's a paradox...

Beneath every stone unturned, is a radiant gem- a new truth to be told. Some are ugly and some are beautiful. Again, this is life. My job is to breathe deep, step back, allow the bigger picture to unfold, surrender with softness and strength, allow time to do its thing, abide in loving awareness and have faith in something far more omniscient and benevolent.

I say, "I trust life and acknowledge that each radiant gem is my teacher."

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