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Dance the World into the Fire of Transformation

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Let us look at each person who shames, shuns, and harms us as a gift, as they bring us closer to our own personal truth. As painful as it is to be judged and discriminated against for our beliefs, religion, ethical and political stances, we must stand firm in our convictions.

As the great American playwright Arthur Miller states in his essay, Tragedy and the Common Man (1949), “Self-recognition and the desire to live in accordance with one’s truth, is what defines someone as being both heroic and tragic... the tragic character must question everything and trust in himself in order to be fearless when fighting for their cause.”

We are here to evolve. We are here to be heroes trusting in something far greater than the constraints of our preconditioned minds, our fearful, ego constructs, and our governments. The human journey is far more dynamic and refined and profound than that. It’s maturation and journey from the safe and logical way of being to the ineffable, mysterious, depths of our souls.

Love is not a feeling, it’s an action that carries boundless expression. We can’t heal anyone or anything (like the planet) without self-inquiry and self-healing/love first. Once we have attained these qualities, how can we shun, shame, and discriminate against others? It’s not within our perceptions to do so because we now are operating from the heart (not the limited mind).

I believe in a new family, a new paradigm shift, and a new world that can only be birthed once the old tyranny and destructive behaviors are completely dismantled. It’s happening now my friends and it’s necessary and scary and exciting.

Let’s encourage one another to be kinder, more tolerant, and more discerning so that we can walk each other home to a better and more beautiful place of existence. Let’s listen to our bodies, listen to our hearts, and dance the world into the fires of transformation. Standing hand in hand in solidarity, we can heal the wounds and be the change!

I’ll meet you there...

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