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Barbara Dametto: Yoga Instructor, Sound Healer, Expressive Arts Practitioner


“Do you know that our soul is composed of harmony?” Leonardo da Vinci

Sound has been used for healing and transformation for thousands of years in cultures around the world. Everything in the universe is vibrating in a cosmic symphony. By stilling our minds and learning to observe the vibrations in our bodies and our energy fields, we begin to realize our connection to the primordial OM, the emanation that is singing the world into existence at every moment.

 “Music is the mediator between the life of the senses and the life of the spirit.” ~Beethoven 

Me with Tuning Fork

At Breathe True I incorporate sounding and vocal toning into many of my workshops and yoga classes. I have Paiste gongs, singing bowls, Koshi chimes, tuning forks, mbiras, and many other ethereal sounding instruments to help uplift your emotions into the ethers. I also have didgeridoos, African djembe drums, a Native hand drum, an Auracle hand pan drum, 3 steel tongue drums, rain sticks, and rattles, etc. to help embody and ground your energy into the earth.


I offer hour-long sound journey experiences to individuals and small groups whereby people lie down comfortably and receive a "sound bath” that is deep, restorative, and meditative.


A session usually begins with a discussion of what the individual (s) is experiencing in their life and what kind of sound experience they would like to have. From there, I invite the participant to lie down and relax while I incorporate the sounding that is most appropriate for their needs. This session can easily lead to deep, hypnotic, and healing states of mind. 


At Breathe True I do my best to make sure you feel comfortable and safe. Most ofter, people leave feeling rejuvenated and peaceful.

 "Music is a moral law. It gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness, and life to everything. It is the essence of order." Plato (429-347)


Chakra Balancing Sound Session: 


This sound journey focuses on balancing the body's 7 energetic centres. We start with the root chakra and work our way up to the crown. Each of the chakras resonates in a specific key and is associated with a specific elemental force (earth, water, fire, air, ether, electromagnetism, mind and the cosmos). The root chakra, for example, is in the key of C and is the earth element and is musically expressed through low, full musical sounds such as gongs, drums and forest type sounds. The heart chakra is in the key of F and is the air element and is musically expressed through plucked instruments and wind chimes that are airy and comforting. Cello drones for each of the 7 keys are played through surround sound speakers while specific musical instruments in the appropriate keys are played over the person's body. As this sound journey unfolds, the person is bathed in a musical experience that travels from their feet to the top of their head.


In this hour-long sound journey, people can expect to experience a profound sense of physical and mental relaxation, rejuvenation and integration of the chakras. Sometimes people feel a vibration in each centre and see colours infusing their bodies. This particular sound session is a wonderful introduction to sound healing and is appropriate for anyone seeking balance in their life.


Tree of Life Sound Session:


This sound journey uses the metaphor of a tree which is often a symbol of life, strength and immortality. It is divided into 3 sections- branches, trunk and roots. We start with the "branches" section (the upper realms) which is musically expressed in the key of A. It is ethereal, light and playful (like the branches and leaves of a tree). Musical instruments such as tuning forks, chimes, shruti box, vocables and kalimbas are used to elevate and relax the person. The "trunk" section of the sound journey represents stability and is expressed musically in the key of E through rhythmic drumming, didgeridoo and shakers. These ostinato sounds evoke feelings of inner strength and determination. The "roots" section is the last part of the sound journey. It is ambient and mysterious evoking images of the earth beneath us and the sustaining and nourishing force of Gaia-the mother. Musical instruments such as Paiste planetary gongs, solfeggio tuned didgeridoo drone, solfeggio steel Oscar drum, rattles, water-phone, thunder drum and chakapa spirit cleansing bundles are used to ground the person and give them an overall sense of solidity and connection to what lies beneath.


In this hour-long sound journey, people can expect to feel a connection to themselves as a powerful "tree being". There is an understanding that we are light and feminine, strong and masculine and deep and ancestral.

Shamanic Sound Journey: 


A shamanic drum journey is an experience whereby a person lies down and using their imagination, travels to a place either below the earth or above the clouds to meet a spirit guide and retrieve information relating to a question or healing request they might have. I will explain the journey to you prior to the session and help you along the way. It is an exciting and revelatory opportunity to get to know the inherent and accessible wisdom that resides within and around you. A repetitive, rhythmic drum is played (along with other musical instruments) in a frequency range of 4 to 7 Hertz (Hz) which, after 15 minutes of 4 beats per second drumming, brings on an altered state of consciousness. This frequency range matches the electroencephalographic (EEG) theta wave activity in the human brain. Once a person reaches this state, they are in a trance and ready to begin shamanic journeying.  Musical instruments such as drums, rattles, didgeridoo, and gongs are used to embellish the experience.

In this journey, people can expect to be surprised and delighted by the wonderful beings that they encounter and the insights that are communicated to them by their spirit guide. There is time for journaling and sharing your experience at the end of the session which takes about an hour in total.

The Calling Sound Session:


Part 1: Gong Bath

Begin by lying down on a comfortable mattress covered with cosy blankets and a mind-fold. I have three beautiful Paiste Gongs- a 34-inch Symphonic gong, a 32-inch Mars gong and a 24-inch Venus gong. I also have smaller hanging gongs that are played directly over your body.

Part 2: Prenatal State

Get immersed into recorded music (composed by Gary Diggins) and live musical instruments that connect you to the womb-state (drone in D, gentle rattles, thunder drum, didgeridoo, Native drum, vocables and other inner wordly, watery sounds).


Part 3: C# Drone & Auracle Hand Pan

Connect to the resonating key of planet earth C# through pre recorded cello drones, C# Auracle Hand Pan Drum (handmade by Micheal Dragoman), C# shruti box and live vocal sounding.

Part 4: Drift Into Bliss

End with beautiful and delicate air and fire Koshi Chimes that softly take you deeper into theta brain states. A perfect ending to expand and merge your consciousness with that of the Divine.

In this sound journey, expect to relax and be vibrated by the most complex and rich sound vibrations and harmonics generated by some of the most pristine musical instruments in the world.

Custom Sound Session: 


You can request and create the type of sound healing session that you prefer. Perhaps you want something playful or activating or calming (or a combination). Just let me know and we can take it from there. Contact me at

All Sound Sessions Cost: $120 (two friends can share the sound bed for $175)

Please check out my blog page on this site to read more about the power of sacred sound:


"Had a beautiful experience as I felt vibrational sound waves from a gong bath float through me. This helped me to release the negative energy that I carry from my job as a nurse. A truly transformative experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you, Barbara! If you have an hour,  for the cost of 120 dollars, you will have as much benefit as a full body massage." Shelly W.


"Barbara (Eva) has provided her sound healing sessions at a number of my meditation retreats. Participants have always felt wonderfully relaxed, rejuvenated and deeply in touch with their inner being. She has a refined intuitive ability to know what soundings have the greatest healing effect on participants. I highly recommend her sessions." Russell S.

"Barbara Dametto's sound journeys are amazing! I would highly recommend going to one.  Switch up your self-care practice this month and let her take you on a journey!" Sonja D.

"Barbara's sound healing of many instruments felt thoroughly restful, rejuvenating, and nourishing. I felt myself, travelling with the sound waves inward to feel a deep sense of peace and tranquillity, also facilitating more awareness of myself in vibrational ways. They also took me outward to experience an expansive sense of space and possibility. Beautiful!" Nadine C.

"My daughter and I together recently received one of Barbara's sound healings. We each laid comfortably cocooned in a cosy blanket and were bathed in the sound vibrations of many musical instruments. It was a deeply relaxing, meditative, sonic journey, which I can highly recommend. I have also witnessed Barbara in action as a co-presenter at a meditation retreat. I found her to be engaging, caring and able to create and hold space in a skilful way." Robin G.

"Although I was a little unsure of what to expect from Barbara's Sound Healing experience, I was completely delighted and amazed by the journey. We began by discussing the significance of the Chakras, and then I spent the next hour immersed in the most relaxing experience of my life. As she played different instruments, I went into a deep sleep where I experienced a dream state that offered complete peace. I've returned to do it again and I highly recommend it as a gift to yourself or someone else who really needs to disconnect and rest in beautiful sound." Crista R.

"I had a restorative and nurturing sound healing session with Barbara. She took time to hear where I was at and inform me of what to expect in the process. I felt safe and supported by her presence. I was soon then wrapped in a sound cocoon as she played beautiful music to support my restoration." Angela L.

"This past Sunday, I had the privilege of attending a private sound healing session with Barbara at Breath True. I am completely amazed, shaken and a little overwhelmed (but in a good way!) As the session started, I immediately began to feel Qi build in my hands and within minutes, I felt my whole body vibrating at such a level it was inconceivable for my brain to comprehend. I know this may sound far fetched and when I went in for the session, I was sceptical and maybe even a little apprehensive. All I can say is wow! Words can’t describe the experience. It must be experienced for yourself. I highly recommended a sound healing session with Barbara at Breath True!" Casey C.

"In response to a challenge to try something that I have never done before, I joined 3 friends in a unique group sound healing session with Barbara. I had decided beforehand to leave my scepticism at the door and fully engage with whatever I was about to experience. After a brief explanation of chakras and the instruments used, we began. Laying on our backs covered with warm blankets and eye covers, the sounds began to fill the room. As I let my mind rest and began to let myself go, I started seeing the most beautiful thing I have ever seen- a light show dancing in my mind's eye! The coloured light started with blue ribbons rippling and flowing in random circles or lines in response to the instruments being played. The colour slowly changed to purple and then pink; always dancing. I felt like I was seeing sound. It was the most amazing sensation and I left feeling blessed. I would recommend seeing what sound healing brings forward in you." Andrew S.

"I felt very relaxed and at peace the day after my sound healing session. I've been sleeping well and finding it hard to get out of bed (I normally don't feel this way). My body and mind are finally relaxed after being in a state of constant anxiety for so long. Highly recommend this amazing experience. Be open to it and you will receive wonderful, healing benefits. Megan A.