Sacred Sound


“Do you know that our soul is composed of harmony?” Leonardo da Vinci

Sound has been used for healing and transformation for thousands of years in cultures around the world. Everything in the universe is vibrating in a cosmic symphony. By stilling our minds and learning to observe the vibrations in our bodies and our energy fields, we begin to realize our connection to the primordial OM, the emanation that is singing the world into existence at every moment.

 “Music is the mediator between the life of the senses and the life of the spirit.” Beethoven 

Me with Tuning Fork

How It Works:

Sound healing penetrates a person's mind, emotions, and body to help bring them to states of deep relaxation. If you suffer from insomnia, anxiety, depression, or grief, this modality can help you to release and restore. Sound healing is also a wonderful way to simply treat yourself to a beautiful experience where you are bathed in drones, musical instruments, vocal toning, and vibrational frequencies that are known for their restorative qualities.


What is Sound Healing?

Sound healing is an ancient meditative practice that uses different musical instruments to create healing vibrations around the body while in a meditative state. Most ancient cultures used the power of sound in ceremony and healing. Gongs have been used throughout history as ceremonial and healing instruments from 4,000 B.C. to as far back as 16,000 B.C. Singing bowls have been used throughout Asia for healing, meditation, ritual, and ceremonial purposes dating as far back as the 12th century,


Sound sessions help to facilitate shifts in our brainwave state by using entrainment (two separate frequencies merge to become one). When brainwaves merge with specific sound frequencies and rhythms and are combined with healing intentions, deep healing can occur.

Benefits of Sound Healing:

Neurological studies have proven that listening to certain types of music makes us more productive and creative. It can relieve stress, improve our moods, and flood our brains with dopamine — the happy chemical. Music also releases oxytocin; a natural painkiller and hormone that allows us to feel more joyful, balanced, and calm.


The sounds from various healing instruments influence our brain wave frequencies and can help bring the brain to a theta state within minutes. This is the state that occurs when one is experiencing deep and profound relaxation. Seasoned meditation practitioners often are in a theta state while meditating. 

Some of the most highly reported benefits of music therapy and sound healing include:

  • Reduced stress.

  • Fewer mood swings.

  • Lower blood pressure.

  • Lower cholesterol levels.

  • Better pain management.

  • Reduced risk of strokes and coronary artery disease.

  • Improved sleep.


I have Paiste gongs, crystal singing bowls, Koshi chimes, tuning forks, mbiras, and many other ethereal sounding instruments to help uplift your emotions into the ethers. I also have didgeridoos, a Native hand drum, an Auracle hand pan drum, rain sticks, and rattles to help stabilize and ground your energy into the earth.


I offer hour-long sound journey experiences to individuals (and small groups) whereby people lie down comfortably and receive a "sound bath” that is deep, restorative, and meditative. A session usually begins with a discussion of what the individual is experiencing in their life and what kind of sound experience they would like to have. From there, I invite the participant to lie down and relax while I incorporate the sounding that is most appropriate for their needs. This session can easily lead to deep, hypnotic, and healing states of mind. 

Watch my short video/talk about sound healing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlzLFyNYEBc&ab_channel=BreatheTrueYoga

Watch my short video of my Mars Paiste Gong: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QyCYWAOexJ4&ab_channel=BreatheTrueYoga


Chakra Balancing Sound Journey: 

This sound journey balances the body's 7 energetic centers known as the chakras. We will start with the root chakra (our feet) and work our way up to the crown (top of the head). 

Each of the chakras resonates in a specific musical key and is associated with a specific elemental force (earth, water, fire, air, ether, electromagnetism, mind, and the cosmos). The root chakra, for example, is in the key of C and is the earth element and is musically expressed through low, full musical sounds such as frame drums and didgeridoos. The crown chakra is in the key of B and is the cosmic element and is musically expressed through quiet, high-pitched chimes and tuning forks. As this sound journey unfolds, participants are bathed in a sound healing experience that is grounding, restorative, relaxing, and otherworldly.


In this sound journey, expect to experience a profound sense of physical and mental relaxation, rejuvenation, and integration of the chakras. Sometimes people feel a vibration in each center and see colors infusing their bodies. This particular sound session is a wonderful introduction to sound healing and is appropriate for anyone seeking balance in their life.


Tree of Life Sound Journey:


This sound journey uses the metaphor of a tree which is often a symbol of life, strength, and immortality. It is divided into 3 sections- branches, trunk, and roots. We start with the "branches" section (the upper realms) which is musically expressed in the key of A. It is ethereal, light, and playful (like the branches and leaves of a tree). Musical instruments such as tuning forks, chimes, shruti box, vocables, and kalimbas are used to elevate and relax the person. The "trunk" section of the sound journey represents stability and is expressed musically in the key of E through rhythmic drumming, didgeridoo and shakers. These ostinato sounds evoke feelings of inner strength and determination. The "roots" section is the last part of the sound journey. It is ambient and mysterious evoking images of the earth beneath us and the sustaining and nourishing force of Gaia-the mother. Musical instruments such as Paiste planetary gongs, solfeggio tuned didgeridoo drone, solfeggio steel Oscar drum, rattles, water-phone, thunder drum, and chakapa spirit cleansing bundles are used to ground the person and give them an overall sense of solidity and connection to what lies beneath.


In this sound journey, expect to feel grounded, relaxed, and connected to yourself as a powerful, ancient "tree being". 

Shamanic Sound Journey: 


A shamanic drum journey is an experience whereby a person lies down and using their imagination, travels to a place either below the earth or above the clouds to meet a spirit guide and retrieve information relating to a question or healing request they might have. I will explain the journey to you prior to the session and help you along the way. It is an exciting and revelatory opportunity to get to know the inherent and accessible wisdom that resides within and around you. A repetitive, rhythmic drum is played in a frequency range of 4 to 7 Hertz (Hz) which, after 15 minutes of 4 beats per second drumming, brings on an altered state of consciousness. This frequency range matches the electroencephalographic (EEG) theta wave activity in the human brain. Once a person reaches this state, they are in a trance and ready to begin shamanic journeying. Musical instruments such as drums, rattles, didgeridoo, and gongs are used to embellish the experience.

In this journey, expect to be surprised and delighted by the wonderful beings that you might encounter. Intrigue and insights are often gained from your spirit guides. There is time for journaling and sharing your experience at the end of the session which takes about an hour in total.

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The Calling Sound Journey:

This sound journey involves 4 separate sections. It begins by getting grounded in the safety of your body, then moving into the watery, reminiscence of the womb experience, then connecting to Gaia and planet earth's resonating frequency of C#, and then ending with a blissful expansion into the realms of angelic beings and expanding consciousness.

Part 1: Gong Bath

Begin by lying down on a comfortable mattress covered with cozy blankets and a mind-fold. I have three beautiful Paiste Gongs- a 34-inch Symphonic gong, a 32-inch Mars gong, and a 24-inch Venus gong. I also have smaller hanging gongs that are played directly over your body.

Part 2: Prenatal State

Get immersed into recorded music (composed by Gary Diggins) and live musical instruments that connect you to the womb-state (drone in D, gentle rattles, thunder drum, didgeridoo, Native drum, vocables, and other inner-worldly, watery sounds).


Part 3: C# Drone & Auracle Hand Pan

Connect to the resonating key of planet earth C# through pre-recorded cello drones, C# Auracle Hand Pan Drum (handmade by Micheal Dragoman), C# shruti box and live vocal sounding.

Part 4: Drift Into Bliss

End with a steady heartbeat sound and beautiful and delicate air and fire Koshi Chimes that softly take you deeper into theta brain states. A perfect ending to expand and merge your consciousness with that of the Divine.

In this sound journey, expect to relax and be vibrated by the most complex and rich sound vibrations and harmonics generated by some of the most pristine musical instruments in the world.  http://www.paistegongs.com/index.php

528 Hz Solfeggio Healing Sound Journey:

 The frequency of 528 Hz is believed to be so powerful that it can help repair DNA damage, bring peace and harmony, and restore equilibrium to everything around it. It is believed that when your body is in harmony, it vibrates at around 62–68Hz and anything lower than this can contribute to a weakened immune system. Colds and flu's are believed to start around 58Hz, whereas cancer can appear around 42Hz.

Just like certain frequencies bring about disease, there are other frequencies that stimulate healing and regeneration. The  Solfeggio Scale, which was used in ancient sacred music and Gregorian chants, was designed to balance the body's energy in order to keep it in perfect harmony. The 6 main frequencies are:

528 Hz is known as the frequency of health and longevity. This vibration lifts and tunes your heart in harmony with all of creation and nature. There is a very close link between nature and 528 Hz. For instance, the 528 Hz vibrations are utilized by chlorophyll, thereby allowing plants to draw energy from natural light which gives the leaves their green color. Bees pollinate the flowers by buzzing at a 528 Hz frequency. Oxygen is a carrier of the 528 Hz resonating electrons.

In this sound journey, expect miracles to occur. This 528 Hz frequency will help to calm and heal a grieving heart while vibrating your cells and DNA into cleansing states of harmony and balance. 

Paiste Gong, Crystal Singing Bowl, and Sacred Mantra Sound Journey:

This sound journey involves 3 separate sections. It starts with a grounding and stabilizing gong bath, transitions into an uplifting and expansive crystal singing bowl bath, and finally unfolds into a beautiful expression of vocal toning and mantra singing. 

Gongs have been used for over 5,000 years for healing, ritual, ceremony, communication, music, and as status symbols. When struck, gongs produce an intricate synthesis of blended overtones as the returning waves of sound build upon one another. Often, the gong sounds become so complex, that they resemble a variety of instruments played simultaneously. Our brainwaves “entrain” to the lower frequency and the sounds literally slow down our thoughts and harness our minds into deep, meditative states where new neural pathways and patterns are created. Paiste Gongs are handmade in Germany and carefully crafted and tuned giving each one a unique note and cosmic sound.

Crystal singing bowls help to bring our bodies and minds into a state of sympathetic resonance with their crystal quartz vibrations. Quartz is a powerful conduit for amplifying energy. One can magnify the effects of a personal healing intention when meditating and listening to a crystal singing bowl. Furthermore, the mesmerizing, soporific effects of the crystal singing bowl’s pure tone and oscillations can ease our mind and body into an alpha or theta brainwave state effortlessly. This process is called entrainment, and it allows a person to experience restorative benefits including deep relaxation, lowered blood pressure, and the release of the body’s natural opiates.

The meaning of the Sanskrit word "mantra" is traditionally defined as that which liberates the mind from its troubles and limitations. A mantra is a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that are considered capable of “creating transformation”, The mantras used in this sound journey include the Ayuvedic chakra vowel sounds, Om mantra, and whatever spontaneously arises.  

In this sound journey, expect to be grounded, relaxed, and deeply transported to both the physical and ethereal realms. You may need to take time to rest in complete stillness after the session.

Custom Sound Session: 


You can request and create the type of sound healing session that you prefer. Perhaps you want something playful or activating or calming (or a combination). Just let me know and we can take it from there. Contact me at breathetrue@gmail.com

All Sound Sessions are 1 hour long (but expect to be here for approx. 2 hours)

Cost: $120 (two friends can share the sound bed for $175)

Please check out my blog page on this site to read more about the power of sacred sound: 


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