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Barbara Dametto: Yoga Instructor, Sound Healer, Expressive Arts Practitioner.

Helping People Cultivate Self-Awareness, Confidence and Creativity

to Live With Joy and Purpose.

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I Am Confident That I Can Help You If... 


~You have experienced difficulties in life that are affecting the way you function.


~You want to get to the bottom of unconscious behaviours that determine your life’s experiences and keep you trapped in cycles of repeating the same stories over and over.


~You are tired of seeking outside of yourself for answers, help and knowledge.


~You want to shift your perspective from, “Life happens to me” to “I create my reality”.


~You find yourself in the middle of a life transition and are looking for sources of enrichment, learning and new purpose.


~You are interested in exploring alternative healing modalities such as yoga, conscious dance, sound therapy, meditation and expressive arts.


~You are willing to let go of the old version of you in order to give birth to something new, unique and possibly outrageous!

What I Want You To Know…


I want you to know that you create your reality! You may think that you are a product of your life’s unfortunate experiences but that is simply not true. Nothing that happens TO you can really touch the “essence” of your BEING. Our stories do not define us. I can help you cut through ingrained, habituated beliefs that hold you back from expressing your most authentic self. I can help you get to the root of your anxiety and get clear about finding your highest purpose. I can help you connect to your own inherent resources in order to become more self-reliant and emotionally resilient and stable. I can support you to become your own teacher and caregiver.

Through my “Creating and Living Through Wholeness” Program You Will….


~Become strong and resilient in your body, mind and soul.


~Identify the problems in your life that keep you from achieving happiness and success.

~Let go of the belief that there’s something in you that needs to be fixed.


~Shed light onto your wounds, develop love and compassion for yourself and creatively use life’s challenges to become a wise healer, empowered warrior and wacky artist.


~Learn how to surf the waves of transition in your life with courage and playfulness.

~Cope with isolation and release feelings of loneliness.


~Understand that you are your own God creating and destroying your world through myth and art. 


~Welcome the thrill of a new opportunity and shift fear into excitement.


~Learn how to lighten up and not take life too seriously by getting to know your archetypes and your inner clown.

~Become intrigued with your stories, your process, your hardships. 

~Understand that you are the infinite player co-creating life’s experiences in order to prove that reason operates in service to the imagination.


~Learn how to strengthen your own inner resources and become your own teacher/healer.


~Develop a daily practice/regime that will ground and strengthen your body, shift your energy, balance your emotions, calm your nervous system, help you to cultivate inner peace and connect you to your divinity through expressive arts.

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Mask And Character Development Workshop


Mask and Character Development Workshop

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