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Barbara Dametto: Yoga Instructor, Sound Healer, Expressive Arts Practioner

Helping People Cultivate Self-Awareness, Confidence and Creativity 

to Live With Joy and Purpose.

Six-Week Program:"Creating and Living From Wholeness"

~Become strong and resilient in your body, mind and soul.


~Identify the problems in your life that keep you from achieving happiness and success.

~Let go of the belief that there’s something in you that needs to be fixed.


~Shed light onto your wounds, develop love and compassion for yourself and creatively use life’s challenges to become a wise healer, empowered warrior and wacky artist.


~Learn how to surf the waves of transition in your life with courage and playfulness.

~Cope with isolation and release feelings of loneliness.


~Understand that you are your own God creating and destroying your world through myth and art. 


~Welcome the thrill of a new opportunity and shift fear into excitement.


~Learn how to lighten up and not take life too seriously by getting to know your archetypes and your inner clown.

~Become intrigued with your stories, your process, your hardships. 

~Understand that you are the infinite player co-creating life’s experiences in order to prove that reason operates in service to the imagination.


~Learn how to strengthen your own inner resources and become your own teacher/healer.


~Develop a daily practice/regime that will ground and strengthen your body, shift your energy, balance your emotions, calm your nervous system, help you to cultivate inner peace and connect you to your divinity through expressive arts.

This program teaches 5 different healing modalities to help you become more grounded, peaceful and expressive. 

I offer the program via Zoom so you can participate in the comfort of your own home. 

Cost: $650 (art supplies not included)

Week 1: Yoga Class or Conscious Dance Class (1 hour)

Week 2: Breath-Work Class (1 hour)

Week 3: Sound Healing Session and Personal Mantra (1 hour)

Week 4: Meditation Training and Practice (1 hour)

Week 5: Mask Creation (2 hours)

Week 6: Character Development and Mask Journey (2 hours)

Total Course Hours: 8 hours plus additional help if needed.


In the ancient tradition of yoga, it is said that we are composed of layers or sheaths. Like the layers of an onion, our physical body is the most external and dense part of our being. As we move inward, the layers become more subtle and refined.


The healing modalities offered in this program start with the physical body (yoga) and end with the artistic body (mask-work). Each week, a new class is delivered with techniques to strengthen and stimulate the physical body, energy body, vibrational body, mental body and creative body.


Oftentimes in life, when we encounter trauma, loss, abuse, shock etc., our systems can become compromised and challenged. We are not one-dimensional beings. For example, if we sustain a physical injury, there is an emotional impact, a mental impact and sometimes a spiritual impact.  If we truly want to heal, we must learn how to strengthen ourselves from the outside-in and develop the tools to maintain balance and health. I can help you do this!


As the program facilitator/coach, I will guide you through a series of practices and modalities that will empower you to become more stable and empowered. I create the container for you to practice and learn but ultimately you become your own teacher, wise guide, best friend and creative co-conspirator. The whole process is fun, insightful, dynamic, empowering, playful, mysterious and creative. Over the duration of 6-weeks, your regime gets a bit longer and more involved. Eventually, a strong daily practice is established.


Healing Through the Physical Body:

This is where it all begins- in the body. Here we have muscles, bones, blood, organs, glandular systems etc. My job is to create and teach an hour-long yoga class that stimulates, stabilizes and strengthens the body. The participants agree to do the class every day for 6 weeks. I am available for extra help throughout the week if you need it.


Developing a routine to strengthen the physical body fosters a sense of safety, determination and courage. It helps us to become more grounded and trust our bodies.


I sometimes alternate the 6-Week Program with a conscious dance practice to ground the body (instead of yoga). I teach and explain the benefits of dance as a form of self-expression, healing and spiritual practice. I create and share a playlist of music (via Spotify) for you to listen and dance to every day.


Healing Through the Energy Body:


Now we move inward from the physical body to the pranic/energy body. Breathwork helps to move stagnant energy through the nadis (pathways) and strengthens the lungs, heart and digestion. Here, I create and teach a pranayama practice that stimulates and stabilizes each of the 7 chakra energy centres. Your breath practice will be added to the yoga practice that you learned in week one. I am available for extra help throughout the week if you need it.


Developing a routine to strengthen the energetic body fosters a sense of will power, determination and confidence. It helps us to get “fired up” and take action in our lives.

Healing Through the Vibrational Body:


Now we move inward more deeply from the physical and energy bodies to the vibrational body. Using simple Zoom sharing technology, I'll guide you through a sound healing journey using a pre-recorded soundscape and live musical instruments (Paiste gongs, singing bowls, tuning forks, drums etc.). I will share the soundscape (via Spotify) for you to listen to every day. Oftentimes, the sound healing experience instigates the theta brain state. Theta activity has a frequency of 3.5 to 7.5 Hz and is classed as “slow” activity. This brain state inspires creativity, intuition, daydreaming and is a repository for memories, emotions and sensations. Participants are also encouraged to create (and recite daily) their own healing mantra/prayer. 

Your sound practice will be added to the yoga/dance and breath-work practices that you learned in weeks one and two. I am available for extra help throughout the week if you need it.

Developing a routine to strengthen the vibrational body fosters a sense of musicality, attentiveness and deep brain states of relaxation. It also fosters attentive listening and helps us to connect to the vibrational frequencies of the universe.


Healing Through the Mental Body:


Now we move inward more deeply again to the mental faculties through meditation. A still mind is a strong mind. Here, I'll teach you how to meditate in order to help you observe your thoughts, breathe and body sensations (Vipassana style mindfulness). Your meditation practice will be added to the yoga/dance, breath-work and sound practices that you learned in weeks one, two and three. I am available for extra help throughout the week if you need it.


Developing a routine to strengthen the mental body fosters a sense of inner peace, equanimity and mental clarity. It helps us to connect to our intuition, insight and wisdom.


 Healing Through the Creative Body:


Here we move into the realms of the sacred clown and mask work. It is through our creativity that we merge with the Divine. Throughout previous sessions, we have grounded and strengthened in the body through yoga asana and conscious dance, energized our pranic body and calmed our emotions through pranayama, vibrated our etheric energy through sounding healing and mantra and observed and silenced the mind through meditation. Now we are ready to dive into expressive arts and archetypal personas. 


Developing the artistic body fosters a sense of freedom, playfulness and mystery. It helps us to connect to our creativity and child-like spontaneity and wonder. It's direct communion with the Divine. For weeks 5 and 6, you will create your own “inner guru/wise teacher” mask and develop its character. Through this process, you will come to understand the inherent wisdom that the mask conveys (which is, in fact, your own inner wisdom). 


Mask work is a powerful modality of expressive arts and serves to develop creativity, play, curiosity, insight and self-reliance. I say self- reliance because, once the actual mask has been created, it can become your friend, confident, helper and wise teacher. The mask is a personification- an extension of your own psychology. Through creativity, you can bring light and intrigue into the shadows of your psyche. You can gain insight into the unrealized parts of yourself-  the unprocessed traumas, the misguided personas, the fantasies, the dreams etc. Mask making and character development is a very direct, safe and playful way to access your own archetypes. The possibilities are endless.


I will get you set up with the materials you need to create your mask. It's a simple process. Once it is completed, I will t assist you through a character development process (similar to what would occur in a theatre setting). Through contemplation, journaling activities and a guided process, the mask eventually becomes an extension of you and will reveal and communicate whatever you need to know. Because creativity comes through you directly from the Divine/Source energy, you can trust whatever unfolds in the mask-making/character process. Whatever emerges will be exactly what you need at this point in time and will culminate as the final part of the 6-Week Program. You will have your sacred guru/ sacred clown character for life. They will always be there for you for love, guidance and support!


As a coach/facilitator, my objective is to give people certain tools from which they can build a strong foundation and spiritual/creative practice. I believe that we have all the resources we need to heal and overcome adversities in our lives. My job is to simply guide, encourage, support and witness your evolution.

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"Establish a routine to meet the sacred everyday."

"Creativity is the highest expression of love because it merges the Self with God."

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