• By Barbara Dametto

Welcome to Breathe True

Updated: Sep 18

Welcome to the new Breathe True Yoga!

I am very excited to offer classes, workshops, one on one sessions, beautiful essential oil products and visual art to the public.

Breathe True has gone through some major changes and growing pains over the past year. Originally we were a yoga and meditation retreat centre run by Daniel Schmidt and Eva (Barbara) Dametto and located near Bancroft, Ontario. I'm sure many of you remember our retreat property, monthly sound journeys, weekly meditations and other creative events. But as life has it, everything is constantly changing and evolving... Dan is now running the Samadhi Meditation Centre at the original location and Eva has moved to Guelph to explore her own life path and vision.

So here I am delving into the spiritual, creative and educational arenas solo and also with the collaborations of other like minded souls. I am so appreciative of my previous and present soul mates and teachers who have supported me on my journey. It's an exciting time and I look forward to sharing and offering to the best of my abilities.

Please stay tuned to what's upcoming and to informative teachings and discourses on topics that will offer you new perspectives and deep reflections of the heart.



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