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Consumables for Spirituals: (My Offerings)



1. Private Yoga Session: Tell me what kind of class you want as well as any physical needs you might have, and I will design a class just for you! I will teach it to you, provide a PDF copy and be available for questions and clarifications.

Cost: $75

2. Weekly Zoom Yoga Class: Sundays and Wednesdays 10 am-11 am starting September 2020.

Mask Offerings:


1. Weekend Workshop: This workshop runs all day both Saturday and Sunday (10 am-5 pm). We gather is a beautiful studio setting (in Guelph or elsewhere). I will take the group through the process of mask creation and character development.

All art materials are included. There is also a post-course, follow-up Zoom session that is included to help participants dive deeper into their masks.


Some of the workshop themes I offer are Courage Masks, Goddess Masks, Grief Masks, Clown/Trickster Masks, Animal Totem Masks, Protector Masks, Spirit Guide Masks.

Cost: $250 (materials included)

2. Ask a Mask: Choose one of my masks that you are drawn to and ask it a question. I will contemplate your question, get into the role of the mask/persona and allow the message of wisdom to come through me. I am the vehicle, the mask is the "counsellor". These 20-minute sessions can be orchestrated in person, over Zoom or I can create a short video and email it to you.

Cost: $50

3. Unmasking Session: Choose one of my masks that you are most drawn to, put it on and sit in front of a mirror. I will guide you through a series of character development instructions and questions. These sessions are powerful experiences whereby you (the client) surrender your personal character and allow the wisdom of the mask to come through in order to help you better understand a situation in your life. These 1 hour-long sessions are experienced in person usually at my studio in Guelph (although I can also come to you. We will need access to an open, private room and a large mirror).

Cost: $75

4. 6-Week Program:

Cost: $650

Sound Journeys:

I offer several different thematic sound healing sessions. All are beautiful, deep and extremely relaxing.

Cost: $75

Please go to the Sacred Sound page for more details:

“Where there is sorrow, there is holy ground.” ~Oscar Wilde 

Grief Journey:


Grief and loss are invitations to enter into a world of barren terrain ripe with potential and healing power. When we encounter sorrow, we experience, first hand, the mysterious ways it opens our hearts to deeper expressions of love. We discover how it shakes and breaks us to the bone taking us to unimaginable depths of our souls. It is a sobering experience that is relentless and spares us no mercy. It changes our experience and perspective of life and forces us to forge forward accessing inner strength sources we never knew we had. It adds substance and weight to our world. Grief strips us of our lightness and presumptions and pulls us into the depths of unfathomable, unbreathable despair. 


Yet, grief ripens and emotionally matures us as it forces us to stand in our authenticity and courage. It also unites us in our common human experience because no one escapes its wrathful and passionate touch. It is through a broken heart, that the heart heals, grows and morphs giving us a more profound experience of life. 


Grief has always been communal, always been shared and consequently has traditionally been regarded as a sacred process. Too often, in modern times, our grief becomes private, carrying an invisible mantle of shame and forcing us to go underground. Hidden from the eyes of the world, our grief becomes suppressed and unexpressed. We must restore the conversation we need to have concerning the place of grief in our lives. Each of us must undertake an apprenticeship with loss. 


The use of expressive arts (poetry, painting, singing, mask making etc.) is a powerful and accessible way to navigate the turbulent waters of grief. It’s a way to transform something that is often too painful to articulate with words, into something beautiful and creative. As we share our stories of loss, death and suffering, both personal and communal we can transmute that energy into something else and set it free! Come experience the joy that is found when sorrow has been made sacred.  

What is a Grief Journey?

A Grief Journey is a session held with myself and one client. The client may bring a friend or family member to the session for moral support. Typically, the session takes place in 3 parts:

Part 1: Locating grief in the body and having a conversation with it. 

Part 2: Speaking with "Sandor" the grief mask.

Part 3: Sacred Sound and Reiki.

Cost: $85

Email me to book any of my classes and sessions: 

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