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Chakra Numerology


  • Yantra yoga (chakra numerology) is a form of yogic astrology that helps us to discover and understand our birth path in this lifetime. Through specific mathematical calculations based on our birthdays, we can gain insight into our dominant and minor chakras and create a personal calendar to help us evolve on our spiritual journeys. This calendar lets us study the effects of our assigned chakra energies which helps us to understand and contextualize our experiences in life. An understanding of the larger life template will help us to make choices that can benefit our physical and spiritual path. Knowing the effects of these energies can help us to bring presence and mindfulness to the ever-unfolding experiences that life presents us with.


  • In this session, you will be guided to understand these concepts in order to obtain more self-awareness and practical knowledge ie. insights regarding health, relationships, career, life decisions, etc.


  • Typically, a yantra yoga private session takes 1.5-2 hours long and the person leaves with a personal chart and typed handouts. 

Cost: $120

For a private and informative Yantra Yoga Life Path Reading, either in person or via Zoom or email, please contact:

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