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My products are handmade using pure essential oils and high-quality ingredients oil blends are combined with fractionated coconut oil. They are designed for people who appreciate the inherent healing intelligence of plants, flowers, barks, roots, and herbs.


Keep in mind that while they often smell amazing, essential oils are not "perfumes"- they are divine gifts from the earth. Once applied to the skin, the scents usually last 2-3 hours.


All recipes are original and can be used for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 


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Perfume Spritzers: 50ml $20.00

Sacred Smudge (purification): In the Native American tradition, a smudge ceremony involves the burning of sacred plants in order to purify the environment and clear away negative energy. This perfume combines the oils of many of these plants which have a calming, clearing, and sharpening effect on the mind. Use this perfume to strengthen the senses, disperse negativity, and encourage creativity and imagination.

Ingredients: patchouli, pine, cedar, basil, lavender, clary sage.

Equanimity (relaxing and uplifting): This perfume uses oils that carry the properties of being both relaxing and uplifting simultaneously. They are known to calm anxiety, lower blood pressure, and relieve stress and mental exhaustion. Simultaneously, they can uplift moods, combat depression and balance and stimulate the body's organs and mind. Perfect for times when you want to be fully present and grounded.
Ingredients: basil, geranium, bergamot, lavender, juniper, patchouli.

Zen Garden (peace and tranquillity): This perfume is enigmatic and holds the deep mystery of fullness and emptiness. The woody, lingering smell of sandalwood and amyris are known for their soothing properties. The spicy scents of coriander and marjoram are excellent digestive stimulants. The sweet and floral smell of geranium is deliciously fragrant and sedative. This perfume conjures the idea of an Asian Buddhist temple with its burning incense and garlands of flower offerings. Use it to empty the mind and fill the heart with peace and tranquillity.
Ingredients: sandalwood, amyris, marjoram, coriander, geranium.

Anointed Earth (blessing): This perfume has a complex and layered aroma that is earthy, sensual and fruity. It contains oils that are known for strengthening the mind and grounding the body. Sacred frankincense elevates and awakens the psyche making this perfume an ideal crown chakra opener, while vetiver and benzoin, with their earthy scents, root and ground it to the earth. The soothing and balancing qualities of lavender and bergamot harmonize and hold this perfume in a very cohesive manner making it a favourite for many.

Ingredients: frankincense, bergamot, ylang-ylang, vetiver, sage, lavender.

Summer (twirling): Light, refreshing, uplifting with a real positive vibe. Lemon overtones, floral high tones, heart loving mid-tones and grounding low tones. Sounds and feels like a song.

Ingredients: lavender, may chang, frankincense, amyris, patchouli, jasmine and ylang-ylang.

Alignment (stability): This blend balances and supports the emotional and physical body giving one the feeling of structural alignment, support, confidence and strength. It smells sweet, woody and invigorating like a forest after a rainfall. The tree oils have a long history of a therapeutic application by Native Americans who use their resin for the healing of all sorts. Frankincense oil is known for its powerful healing and anti-ageing benefits. Spikenard is one of the most ancient oils used by kings, priests and high initiates to find stable ground in their search for faith. Use before or after any energy or bodywork such as massage, chiropractic adjustment or physical workout.

Ingredients: black spruce, rosewood, balsam fir, frankincense, spikenard.

Energy Shift (changing frequencies): This perfume is full-bodied and very complex. It has 8 different essential oils in it giving it a multitude of nuances and layers. Each oil is chosen for its high frequency which gives this blend the ability to raise both our vibration and that of the space around us. Use it to shift yourself out of negative energy or to clear the space after it has been impacted by a person or experience that holds a negative vibe. This blend is wonderfully fresh and uplifting and can be very beneficial during times of stress and emotional upset.
Ingredients: cedarwood, peppermint, grapefruit, fennel, juniper, neroli, lavender, rosewood.

Ancient Prayer (exotic): This perfume is serious and sophisticated with warm, spicy layers. Many of the oils and resins used in this blend come from Egypt, Africa, India, Ethiopia, Iran, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. Together they are known for their powerful healing properties. This blend has a rich and exotic aroma that holds the essence of ancient times. Oils like frankincense, myrrh, and cinnamon are documented in the bible and other historical texts and were considered precious and prosperous. All of the oils in this blend are considered to be important for developing the 6th (pineal gland), the 4th (heart), and the 1st (root) chakras.

Ingredients: frankincense, sandalwood, patchouli, palo santo, coriander, clove bud, cinnamon.

Brighter Days (emotionally uplifting): This exquisite perfume smells floral, spicy, fruity and woody. The oils in this blend are known to balance the emotions, open the heart and calm the mind. They are spiritually uplifting and harmonizing and can assist in easing symptoms of depression, nervous tension, and sorrow. Together this blend can help calm the central nervous system and elevate one’s psyche while getting stagnant liver-Qi moving.

Ingredients: bergamot, rose, Roman chamomile, pink grapefruit, frankincense.

Handsome Devil (sexy): This perfume smells manly (in a good way). The essential oils used have a fragrant woody and sweet-spicy smell. Combined they are both grounding and relaxing (vetiver is known as the "oil of tranquillity") and stimulating and uplifting (sage and pine oil improves circulation, low blood pressure and stimulate a tired mind). This blend restores deep connectivity to one's sense of belonging, purpose, and abundance. Wear this perfume and you’ll feel like a million bucks!
Ingredients: lavender, sandalwood, cedarwood, patchouli, vetiver, pine, clary sage.

Pretty Woman (refreshing): This perfume smells clean and fresh with a beautiful uplifting aroma. The citrus oils give it a sweet and crisp essence that can encourage feelings of well being and joy. The floral oils are warming and balancing and encourage the release of dopamine- the "happy hormone" which quells anxiety. Floral oils are also soothing tonics for the skin, heart and soul. The scent of this perfume is delicious and harmonizing making it a wonderfully fresh and feminine fragrance.

Ingredients: sandalwood, lavender, rose, geranium, pink grapefruit, lemon.

Base-Tone for Men (mysterious): This blend smells earthy and strong. The resin oils used are aromatic and rich and when blended, produce a fragrance that is honey-like and woodsy. The oils of rosewood, vetiver, benzoin, and patchouli are grounding and relaxing while galbanum, spruce, and frankincense are mind-stimulating and traditionally used for spiritual awakening. Smooth, sophisticated and heavy, this aligning perfume is ideal for the more serious man.

Ingredients: rosewood, vetiver, benzoin, black spruce, frankincense, patchouli.

Perfume Oil Blends: 15ml $20.00

Rainforest: This beautiful blend captures the fresh scent of the forest after a rainfall. It combines refreshing, spicy conifers essential oils with sweet, uplifting floral oils with balancing and stabilizing oils. Use it to connect to nature’s sacred and revitalizing potential.

Ingredients: pine, cedar, balsam fir, ylang-ylang, melissa, lavender, vetivert.

Chakra Balancer: Formulated to assist with balancing and harmonizing the 7 centres in the energetic body. This blend combines oils specifically chosen for each chakra- earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, and soul. Its scent is beautiful and robust and it is excellent for yoga and meditation.

Ingredients: vetiver, patchouli, rosemary, rose, cypress, angelica, sandalwood.

Mind, Body, Spirit: Formulated to assist with balancing and harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit. This deliciously sweet and floral blend helps to bring all the senses into one cohesive state of being. It is both grounding and elevating and is excellent for yoga and meditation.

Ingredients: benzoin, neroli, rose, mandarin, lavender, lemon, cedarwood, sandalwood.

Calming & Soothing: Formulated to assist with calming and balancing the mind and emotions while bringing feelings of relaxation and peace. These oils are known to ease depression, nervous tension, stress, and anxiety. They are grounding, balancing and can assist in reopening the heart centre and inspiring and restoring joy.

Ingredients: cypress, cedarwood, cedar, patchouli, frankincense, bergamot.

Grounding: Formulated to strengthen and ground the psyche while bringing feelings of safety and stability. This woody, sweet, and aromatic oil can help invigorate and define our physical and energetic body while empowering us to feel established and rooted at our deepest core. Great for the root chakra.

Ingredients: vetiver, frankincense, lavender, cedarwood, benzoin, orange.

Refreshing and Uplifting: Formulated to help clear the mind and uplift the emotions. This blend brings positive feelings and a renewed perspective. It is sweet, invigorating and cleansing and can aid in purifying and balancing the skin, hormones, and digestive system. Use when you are feeling sad, depleted, or whenever you need a little “pick me up”.

Ingredients: angelica, lavender, rosewood, geranium, basil, peppermint, mandarin.

Meditation: This oil can be used as a tool for meditation to help stimulate the pineal gland and bring a person into a state of single-pointed consciousness. Each of the oils is carefully chosen for their ability to ground the body and stimulate the mind. These oils are traditionally used in sacred ceremony by priests, nuns, shamans, and yogis around the world. They originate from India, Cypress, Ecuador, North America, Africa and Iran.

Ingredients: frankincense, sandalwood, palo santo, lavender, orange.

Sky: This perfume is sensual. There's not much more I can say. Expect to have erotic dreams.

Ingredients: sandalwood, amyris, patchouli, frankincense, lime, ylang-ylang, chamomile.

Ananda: Utterly sublime. The most beautiful perfume ever! Sweet, deep, playful and rich.

Ingredients: rose, sandalwood, vetivert, patchouli, vanilla.

Deep Forest: This perfume smells like the essence of a deep, woody, Canadian forest. The coniferous wood oils are known for detoxifying and cleansing the nervous, circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems as well as oxygenating and repairing muscle tissues. They also aid in healing wounds- both emotional and physical. Traditionally, Native peoples used these oils to clear away negative energies and bring them into higher spiritual realms.

Ingredients: cedar, cedarwood, sage, cypress, juniper berry, pine.

Oil Blends for Medicinal Purposes: 15ml $20.00


Regenerative Arthritis Pain Relief: Formulated to alleviate arthritis symptoms such as joint pain, muscle stiffness, swelling, inflammation, and tissue degeneration. These oils are known for their antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties. They are warming, regenerating, and supportive of muscles, tissues, and the nervous and circulatory systems.

Ingredients: helichrysum, birch, clove, peppermint, cypress, marjoram.


Sweet Dreams: This oil blend can help those suffering from insomnia. The oils used are relaxing, sedative, and calming. They are soothing to nerves and the digestive system and can help alleviate high blood pressure and nervous tension. Rub on hands and inhale before sleep or add to a hot bath for a soothing experience.
Ingredients: lavender, may chang, marjoram, chamomile.


Grief Relief: These oils have a calming effect on the nervous system and a warming effect on the emotions. They are known to relieve anxiety, stress, and psychological trauma. This sweet and fragrant blend may evoke feelings of peace and tranquillity while giving comfort to those suffering from sadness, grief, and loneliness.

Ingredients: frankincense, rose, marjoram, melissa, bergamot, lavender.


Stress Relief: This blend helps promote feelings of clarity and calm. The oils used are known to act as antidepressants and to soothe the nerves. They are healing for anxiety and can help soothe a headache due to stress. Use this oil when you are feeling down, worried, upset, and overwhelmed. It also makes a beautiful perfume!

Ingredients: lavender, bergamot, vetivert, peppermint, ylang-ylang.


PMS Blend: Formulated to reduce the symptoms of PMS including menstrual cramps, sore breasts, aching back, headache and mood swings. These oils can help to calm and soothe emotions, balance hormones, ease the pain (analgesic) and reduce swelling (anti-inflammatory).

Ingredients: lavender, geranium, clary sage, Roman chamomile, melissa, marjoram.


                                                                                                     Other Products:


Natural Bug Repellent: Several studies suggest that the oils used in this blend (neem seed, eucalyptus, lavender, lemongrass, citronella, patchouli, and clove) may help fend off insects, especially mosquitoes. In a 2005 study that compared the repellent activity of 38 different essential oils, researchers discovered that clove oil offered the longest duration of protection against all mosquito species involved in the lab experiments. The same study found that citronella and patchouli oils also provided two hours of complete repellency. 100ml $20.00


Hand Sanitizer: Keep it with you at all times and use it to help sanitize and protect the hands from dirt and germs. The essential oils of rosemary, peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, and may chang are known for their antiseptic properties. Other useful ingredients include aloe vera gel, witch hazel, and vegetable glycerin. 30ml $15.00

Sprays for Space: These mist sprays are designed to help you become calm and fall asleep. Spray on yourself, your pillow or in the air before you lay down for the night. Wake up feeling refreshed and happy and spray some more! 50ml $20

Sleep Space: Ingredients: lavender, lemon /citrus, marjoram and chamomille.

Dream Space: Ingredients: geranium, peppermint, petitgrain, fennel.

Calm Space: Ingredients: lavender, rosewood, bergamot, ylang-ylang.


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These natural products are not meant to substitute allopathic medicine. Rather they are for enhancing health and well-being.



Not recommended for children or pregnant women.

Please shake all water-based products.


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